Apple offers “Moving to Mac OS X” online tutorial

“With its stability, speed, and superior graphics support, Mac OS X is the ideal platform for creative professionals. Mac OS X delivers a comprehensive set of services with unparalleled ease of use. Whether you’re upgrading your existing Mac or you just bought a new one, Apple’s “Moving to Mac OS X” online tutorial will help you make a smooth transition to Mac OS X. In Mac OS X, you’ll find all the tools you need to do your job more efficiently than ever,” Apple writes on its website.

View Apple’s “Moving to Mac OS X” tutorial here.

[UPDATE, 10:10am: Added quotes to Apple blurb.]


  1. Smythe, S and Chomper: Absolutely, they need Windows orientation, too!

    Beatsme, the Mac installed base DEFINITELY must increase for it to survive, dude. One day, all 25 million of us will be dead. And before we’re all dead, I;d like to be able to pop a commercial DVD into my Mac and have it work, rather than it (usually) be Windows-only. AND there are the valid points made by others, here.

    Pete Burrows, you’re damned right, man! Macs can do WAY MORE that what their perceived “niche” is. The ignorance surrounding this fact frustrates the hell out of me, sometimes.

    Average Mac Zealot, Firewire target Disk Mode is easier to get going than networking (if you’ve never networked Macs before). But, I believe it only works with the boot disk on the “targeted Mac” and doesn’t allow access to any additional internal drives, if applicable (could be wrong on this, please correct me if I’m wrong).

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