Apple offers “Moving to Mac OS X” online tutorial

“With its stability, speed, and superior graphics support, Mac OS X is the ideal platform for creative professionals. Mac OS X delivers a comprehensive set of services with unparalleled ease of use. Whether you’re upgrading your existing Mac or you just bought a new one, Apple’s “Moving to Mac OS X” online tutorial will help you make a smooth transition to Mac OS X. In Mac OS X, you’ll find all the tools you need to do your job more efficiently than ever,” Apple writes on its website.

View Apple’s “Moving to Mac OS X” tutorial here.

[UPDATE, 10:10am: Added quotes to Apple blurb.]


  1. “If your current system doesn’t meet the requirements to run Mac OS X, you might consider buying a new Mac. Every new Mac comes with both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X preinstalled.”

    It looks like this text is in dire need of an update.

  2. While most of us agree with the paragraph above, MDN should take some shame in mindlessly shilling for Apple like this. If you’re going to quote Apple’s “party line” like this, add the quotation marks, or risk losing any possibility of impartiality.

  3. Gabriel: Every new Mac does come with Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X preinstalled. You just can’t boot into Mac OS 9 directly, it is run in the Classic compatibility layer. Just bought a new PowerBook 12″ and it did indeed have a Mac OS 9 system folder in the root of the hard drive, which of course I promptly deleted as I haven’t run a single Mac OS 9 app for years now.

  4. How about a tutorial detailing moving from Windows to OS X? I already have another friend who just bought a Powerbook who is moving from Windows. That would help her considerably.

  5. This is a good idea, but how about a tutorial on WHY you should move from Windows to OSX would actually be more effective. Preaching to the choir is good, but Apple needs to “evangelize” How many have been around long enough to remember that word in the Apple context? (Guy Kawasaki, where are you when we need you?)

    Make it available online, or free CD to Windows users, and advertise it with some of the 4 billion cash.

    Unless it will make Bill G. mad, which is what I suspect.

  6. you know, if the zillions of people who are happy with Windows want to keep using it, let them. As long as Apple is making money and turning out good product, who really cares?

  7. Why do they sell it as the ideal platform for creative professionals?

    This is whats wrong about Apple’s marketing strategy!


  8. beatsme: you wrote:you know, if the zillions of people who are happy with Windows want to keep using it, let them. As long as Apple is making money and turning out good product, who really cares”

    I do, actually, because I believe that each one of us will be a lot happier and more productive when we arrive at the truth.

  9. beatsme:
    It WOULD help all of us if Macs got back up to at least 10%+ market share. For example, some websites now support WMA and RealPlayer but don’t bother with Quicktime, but they would if Apple had a larger share. Similarly, Mac versions of software would come out a lot sooner after the Windows version–or even AT THE SAME TIME–if Macs had larger share. Corporate IT departments would be more likely to sign off on requests for Macs, etc.

  10. My father bought the 20� iMac and transferred all his files from his Power Mac 8500 using an Ethernet crossover cable rather than using Firewire Target Disc Mode. What are the advantages or disadvantages of either method?

    It is interesting to see that OS X is advertised as being suitable for Mac with G3, G4, and G5 processors. However, there are no new Mac’s that Apple sells with the G3. Question is, when is it expected that G3’s and G4’s will become obsolete with future versions of OS X?

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