Analyst Enderle: ‘we should do whatever we can to ensure’ Apple Macintosh continuity

“Apple hasn’t exited the [personal computer] party yet, and until it does, the company remains one of the most important players in this segment. But should Apple remain in the PC segment? This is an even bigger question, and it has two aspects. The first, an emotional aspect that deals with the subjective parts of what would likely be Steve Jobs’ most important decision ever. The second concerns the objective aspects of that same decision,” analyst Rob Enderle writes for eWeek.

Enderle looks at the emotional arguments, writing, “Certainly the emotional part of this argument goes to the good Apple does for the industry. The company delivers some of the most innovative and physically attractive designs, and its user-interface work is often used as a template by others looking to approach similar excellence. In short, were Apple to exit the PC business, the company simply would cease being Apple. And while the company would be replaced by a white-goods vendor by the same name, it would be a suicide-rebirth, nevertheless. In addition, the disruption and pain felt by the loyal Apple users would simply be too costly for Apple to sustain in the long term.”

Enderle then outline his objective arguments and sums up with, “Apple needs to find a way to grow market share and interest, even if, like Sun, it must come to some disagreeable choices. An Apple without PCs would probably lead to a world without Apple. And we should do whatever we can to ensure that that result doesn’t happen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Is Mr. Enderle’s 180-degree spin is picking up speed? Is this the same Rob Enderle we all thought we knew so well just a few short months ago? Lately Rob’s been making much more sense than we’d come to expect. What’re the chances Rob’s “change” came about as the result of actually using a Mac OS X machine? Either that, or Steve Jobs himself came a-callin’ and hit Rob with an RDF blast of massive proportions.

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  1. It’s probably the after-effects of the forced thinking that Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer has pushed upon him in their debate at MacNewsWorld. After all, Enderle isn’t stupid; he’s just a moron with an opinion and a venue to spew it in (unlike Turdrott, who is stupid). Anyone with a brain always takes something away from a debate, especially one where their viewpoints are so completely factually destroyed as this one.

  2. It is a setup, the old confidence game. Gain the trust of Mac users only to use it later to get more press attention for his prejudicial paid for by MSFT et al downgrades. This way he becomes an authority in the Mac rags and then bammm, we’ll start reading the negative stuff again until he uses up his welcome again where he will change tacts once more. It’s all about influence and money. They guys a fraud and anyone listening to him now is setting themselves up for another con game.

    Meaning you.

  3. Oh no!
    Enderle should continue to use PC�s because it is the only punishment that is hard inaff.

    Iraq before
    Saddam Hussein
    – stealing oil, killing and torturing people

    Iraq today
    George Bush
    – stealing oil, killing and torturing people

    War criminals George Bush and Ariel Sharon in to jail now.

  4. Dave H,

    Sorry to see Stockport failed in their final effort. Tell me, how many games to you get to see, how much does a ticket cost, and is partying assumed and vigorous?

    Just wait till next year!

  5. It seems that Bill Gates has read the rumors of Apple’s unannounced decision to drop the Mac line and focus solely on iPod. Where does that leave Bill? Somewhere he doesn’t want to be, obviously. So the troops are lined up to coax Steve into keeping it alive.

  6. Matthew24, open your simple mind for just a moment and perhaps you will see the truth of the Fin’s remarks. The truth is out there… but it’s a far cry from the propoganda you seem so eager to promote.

  7. donnie: Good one.
    One guy from Finland: Keep your political views out of these discussions please. If we wanted to get into a debate about world politics, we’d be on a different web site.


  8. How are we supposed to “do whatever”? Buy apples current pc offerings, regardless of their drawbacks? Steve Jobs can do whatever he can first (redesign, advertising), then look me up.

  9. Personally, I found this article both humorous (because of the source) and fairly pleasant (because of the content). I don’t even care if Enderle believes it, himself. Articles like this help the Mac a littel bit and that’s a good thing (and far better than the alternative).

  10. Matthew24 I am sorry to inform you that there is no such thing as a (left-) Fascist (spelled correctly) person or political ideology. Fascism is a right wing political movement. Socialism or Communism would be a left wing political movement (although neither movement is getting the movement they once did.) Unless you were indicating that the person is a combination of left wing- right wing and therefore centrist. If you meant they were centrist then I stand corrected.

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