ALERT: New Mac OS X ‘Nugatory’ Trojan found on Web, deletes all iTunes music

Alert, Mac OS X users! Batten down the hatches because MacDailyNews is exclusively breaking the story of the discovery of a new Mac OS X Trojan that we’ve dubbed the “Nugatory” Trojan.

It is found on the Web (reproduced below) and consists of the following text message containing directions that, when followed, wil result in the deletion of all of the music files in the current user’s Music folder!

The “Nugatory” Trojan consists of just five instruction lines and works on any user who can understand the English language.


1. On the machine you wish to subject to “Nugatory,” open the current user’s Music folder.
2. Type Command-A to select all of the Music folder’s contents.
3. Type Command-Delete to move the contents of the selction to the Trash.
4. Type Shift-Command-Delete to Empty Trash.
5. Click to “OK” button in the resulting dialog.

More info about how to protect yourself from the Mac OS X “Nugatory” Trojan here.

MacDailyNews Note: We’re sure it’s just a matter of seconds until someone launches Script Editor, records the “Nugatory” Trojan as an AppleScript applet, pastes a MS Word icon to it, and uploads it to P2P. We can only pray it doesn’t happen!

This article is intended as a public service in more ways than one.

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  1. Impeccable timing, MDN! Nice bitch slap to Intego and the rest of the “media” outlets that are jumping on the so-called Mac OS X trojan issue to try to hide/minimize Microsoft Windows’ wretched failures in the press.

  2. That’s it. I’m switching to a secure and stable platform.

    /seriously laughing at the media’s conniption fit over these “wretched security flaws that riddle OS X”

  3. The sad part is that I tried this trojan out on my iPod last month.

    I meant to clear my iTunes library because I was making one library of directories from multiple machines on my home network, plugged in the iPod to charge it, and forgot that iTunes automatically shifts over to the iPod library listing when the pod is plugged in–a feature I really, really dislike.

    So listen, MDN, back off–I wrote this Trojan and want proper credit!

  4. holy crap i shit myself!!!!!!!! LMAO gud joke md but aprils fools day has gone by ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />


    Making fun of the current problem is not a solution.

    The whole world of independent software is at risk. Download what seems to be a cool little app from version tracker (great reviews and all) however, buried deep in the code is a script to delete x,y or z at a future date…

    with out warning!

    and if the user is in an admin account this could get real ugly real fast…

    think of all the little apps we have installed in the last few years since there was finally a robust independent community for the Mac again.

    I myself am quite worried.
    I am not an idiot about the operation of my computer.
    However, these dooms day events would happen with out my OK.


    We all could have trojans buried deep in our code just waiting for the correct moment to delete it all…

    Please someone tell me why I should not be worried.

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