Windows Wallon virus wipes out Microsoft Media Player on infected PCs; Macintosh unaffected

“A new mass-mailing virus called Wallon, which wipes out Windows Media Player and is activated when a user tries to play MP3 or video files from an infected PC, was discovered in Europe on Tuesday,” Munir Kotadia reports for CNET News. “Maikel Albrecht, a product manager at Finnish security company F-Secure, said that because of recent virus outbreaks, users are less willing to open e-mail attachments, which is why Wallon’s author is counting on users clicking on an e-mail link instead. ‘The link in the e-mail points to the actual virus, so if you click the link, you download the virus,’ Albrecht said.”

Kotadia reports, “…Once the PC is infected, Wallon remains dormant until the user tries to run a media file such as an MP3 or a video. If the system uses Windows Media Player by default, the virus is activated and attempts to send HTML e-mails, each with a link to the virus file, to the addresses in the computer’s e-mail address book. ‘If you try and play media content, the worm will activate and start spreading, but the user will not see the media player,’ Albrecht said… unlike common viruses, Wallon is destructive because it replaces the wmplayer.exe file, which means that users infected by the worm will need to reinstall Media Player.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The Wallon virus is an executable (.exe) file that does not affect Macintosh computers with Windows Media Player installed. It wouldn’t really matter if it did affect Macs, because Windows Media Player for Mac would work about as well as it does now even if it were wiped out by Wallon wink


  1. Was talking with my sisters husband on mothers day. Had to take his PC to the shop for the third time in 12 months. Virus and other problems. Cost him $200 for the shop to do a clean OS install. That�s now $600 he has spent in 12 months. His Wife is a click-oholic.

    Asked him what he uses his PC for. �Internet, email and simple word processing. Showed him my iMac and he was sold. Getting the new eMac this week. Offered to give me his Dell PC. No Thanks�

  2. Hi Jimbo, as I have said many times before, so far virii have cost me nothing. I run the free version of whatever virus checker comes with the motherboards I buy, or use AVG, which if free. Also we network with a linsys router here, which has zonealarm integrated into it, or I install zonealarm in individual computers I build for others.

    So, extra cost? Cash, none, and time…….well about as much as it takes to answer you.

    You would rather buy an emac, I would rather wait until Steve smells the coffee.

  3. Wow Joe your so witty finding all of the free stuff that you have to run to make you PC work. Also how is you system resources or are witty enough to put over 1gb of ram in your computer so that you can actually run a program of your choice.

  4. rlhamon, what are you talking about? 512 ram here and at this point have open:

    2 separate qchart applications;
    order entry software;
    3 browsers;

    mem usage now 431540, and this box has been on since monday morning.

    Please try harder to find some “wit” yourself.

  5. Just fired up the tv card (you have one don’t you? They are all of forty bucks) and mem use shot up to 466558. Should I be looking for smoke rlhamon?

  6. > Atomic Bomb
    > Wait, this virus wipes out Windows Media Player? That’s not a virus – that’s a public service!

    nice one! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Joe McConnel,

    you are right in certain areas of your argument,
    i used a pc a lot and use it in my workplace.
    it is not hard to secure a windows pc ..
    but the majority of PC users lack the education and skill to secure their machines. most of pc users have other skills and use the PC as a typewriter and for email .. they dont understand how the PC works, how trojans and viruses work.

    that is why the viruses spread without problems
    the security design of windows makes it even easier.
    here has the mac an advantage because it is inherently more secure and not very susceptible to virus attack. .. the user can concentrate on working and neednt worry about securing his machine.

    the performance argument is moot .. both PCs and macs are powerfull enough for the everyday use. (im now on some old Intel Celeron procesor with 128MB RAM with Win98SE – and it works fine for office use – just sometimes an occasional freeze so i can get my coffee)

    sorry for the long post but i have so much in my head … ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    P.S.: Apple should concentrate more on Europe and Japan, not only USA .. (better support of central european languages would be nice)

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