Windows Wallon virus wipes out Microsoft Media Player on infected PCs; Macintosh unaffected

“A new mass-mailing virus called Wallon, which wipes out Windows Media Player and is activated when a user tries to play MP3 or video files from an infected PC, was discovered in Europe on Tuesday,” Munir Kotadia reports for CNET News. “Maikel Albrecht, a product manager at Finnish security company F-Secure, said that because of recent virus outbreaks, users are less willing to open e-mail attachments, which is why Wallon’s author is counting on users clicking on an e-mail link instead. ‘The link in the e-mail points to the actual virus, so if you click the link, you download the virus,’ Albrecht said.”

Kotadia reports, “…Once the PC is infected, Wallon remains dormant until the user tries to run a media file such as an MP3 or a video. If the system uses Windows Media Player by default, the virus is activated and attempts to send HTML e-mails, each with a link to the virus file, to the addresses in the computer’s e-mail address book. ‘If you try and play media content, the worm will activate and start spreading, but the user will not see the media player,’ Albrecht said… unlike common viruses, Wallon is destructive because it replaces the wmplayer.exe file, which means that users infected by the worm will need to reinstall Media Player.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The Wallon virus is an executable (.exe) file that does not affect Macintosh computers with Windows Media Player installed. It wouldn’t really matter if it did affect Macs, because Windows Media Player for Mac would work about as well as it does now even if it were wiped out by Wallon wink


  1. Hey Joe Mc,

    You are always harping on the cost of the entry level Mac, the need for a “headless iMac”, the need for a $500 machine. So how much does the virus world cost you, directly/indirectly/aesthetically? Would it be as little as, say, $100 per year? Or more?

    Me, I’d rather buy an entry level iMac with none of those problems, plus the added benefit of running the smoothest OS on the planet, rather than getting a cheap Gateway or (gasp) Dell machine, having to run any flavor of Windows, and putting up with virii/worms/real trojans.

    Cost of doing business?

  2. Who wanna bet that journalists/analysts will say that the Office 2004 Trojan Horse downloaded from Gnutella network is more serious than this virus (or that the trojan horse gets more attention than this virus)?

    The article said that Wallon was destructive. I don’t know if I agree to that. How many PC users will be saved from using WMP? Shouldn’t that be a helpful virus? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Windows Media Player removed from Windows .. who was these genius people that figured out how to remove windows media player from Windows XP. I am almost willing to install this on a work computer so I can finally be rid of windows media player.

    I have to give this virus a two thumbs up.

  4. I got the latest WMP 9 for Mac (dont ask me why I dont know) & 3/4 of the time media files from Win machines comes up as needing newer player. It says my player is too old. What complete garbage typical Windows. Going to get rid of it because its useless.

  5. Well, if this virus gets rid of Windows media player, quick, someone send the link to the European Union before Microsoft manages to convince the antitrust people that media player cannot be removed from windows.

  6. The difference between PC viruses and the lone Mac OS X trojan, is that you have to be duped into launching the trojan.

    Sting a Mac user and 9 times out of 10 they will modify their behavior to avoid a repeat.

    On PC’s, viruses just come walking right in anytime they feel like it, but Windows users keep returning to use Microsoft year after year.

    What does that tell you?

  7. I’m sick of these viruses only being reported on sites like these. It’s about time large websites like the BBC covered them all the time, instead of reporting that Apple only managed to sell 70 million instead of 100 million. That’s not news, what is news is people are continually sold a faulty product (Windows) that fails more times than it works.

    It’s about time news site got some perspective and realised that faulty iPod Mini’s are not big news cause they can be easily fixed or replaced. Microsoft continually blames others for it’s inability to design a secure OS. What good is jailing that German lad gonna do? Nothing. How can an 18 year old bring down millions of computers and get the blame? Surely the blame must lie at the feet of Microsoft who release shoddy, bug ridden software.

  8. so the mac virus company Origami or whatever (ugh.. what a puny market huh?) writes a virus to irritate mac users into buying their programs..

    now they’ve written one against windows?


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