Microsoft’s Virtual PC 7 for Mac OS X and Power Mac G5 delayed until ‘second-half 2004’

“Virtual PC 7, the next major update to the Windows emulation program for Mac OS X, has been delayed until the second half of the year. The delay means users of Apple Computer Inc.’s Power Mac G5 systems, which are incompatible with previous versions of Virtual PC, will have waited over a year for the chance to run the product on their machines,” Ian Betteridge reports for eWeek.

“The delay of the release of Windows XP SP2 has also affected the release date of Virtual PC, as the product comes with Windows XP bundled… The current version of Virtual PC, 6.1, uses a feature of the PowerPC G3 and G4 series processors, known as pseudo-little endian mode, that is not present in the PowerPC 970 used in the Power Mac. The reliance on this feature has meant that Microsoft has had to rewrite parts of Virtual PC from scratch to make it compatible with the G5,” Betteridge reports.

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  1. I wish them good luck, I hope they can get it running ASAP, as a number of G5 customers need to run Windows only apps from time to time. Not only that, but the rest of the Mac line will be transitioning to the G5 over the remainder of this year and into the next.

  2. OSX will need another major VirtualPC when Longhorn will be made available sometime in 2007. Again, by then maybe “widowz” user will have VirtualOSX for Longhorn available.

  3. Always be suspicious of Microsoft. That said, I don’t think that there is any reason to be concerned here. MS bought the company that makes VPC because they needed some sort of Windows emulation code I think they are going to use it in Longhorn? Sure it’s a pain, but having to rewrite emulation code for a new processor that runs a shell operating system is not a trivial task.

  4. Virtual PC is being delayed until the release of Longhorn. It will require a quad processor 12.0Ghz G10 with 100 Terabytes of RAM and only 200 Tb of free disk space. This is Microshaft’s typical bloatware pattern…

  5. They gotta make sure it will run on Tiger, that’s all. They would look like fools if they release it, then Tiger revamps some things and it doesn’t work. Better to wait. I’m sure we all will lose sleep until it comes out.

  6. Metryq, their web site says that a fast G4 or a G5 is recommended if you are using XP, so I assume you don’t need a G5 for this product!

  7. I bought Virtual PC when I bought my G4 laptop. I’m underwhelmed by this product. It runs most PC titles slowly and forget about games. Even chess software, Fritz 7 (not a heavy graphics game) would not run on Virtual PC. I almost never use it now.

  8. I am not into games and music and all that entertainment stuff that I don’t have time for.
    But what I do NEED Virtual PC for is many apps and websites that are industry specific.
    It is very fashionable to say that we don’t need Virtual PC.
    If Virtual PC goes away or is unusable, I have no choice but to buy a Wintel laptop. Yes, Virtual PC is slow, but it beats the alternative.

    Those of you who are lucky enough to only use Macs for entertainment, good for you, but there is a much larger world of business out there that Steve thinks that he is “above.” He is a genius, but a flawed one.

    Although I have to give him this: I think that if Apple had bought Connectix, Gates would have looked at the purchase as a declaration of war, and would have cancelled Office.
    And I think the same may be true of the fact that there is NO effective OSX advertising.

    So maybe there is nothing that he could have done differently. I wish I knew.

  9. Hah! The evil ones severely misjudge the average Mac user whom would never download nor file share copyrighted software illegally!

    Better luck next time!

  10. The best Virtual PC is a headless PC running through the Remote Desktop Client, a litle-known and unpromoted Microsoft freeware app allowing any enabled Windows 2000 or XP computer to be run from a Macintosh.;=/mac/DOWNLOAD/MISC/RDC.xml&secid=80&ssid=9&flgnosysreq=True

    If you have an ethernet or WiFi connection it works very well. An inexpensve PC can be had for $300-400. This will beat ANY version of VPC.

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