Quest for Apple’s iPod mini is fruitless, six-week waiting lists abound

“The Apple of my wife’s eye is a pink iPod mini. Nothing else for Mother’s Day would do. I was elated at her request. No painful tours of snooty jewelry stores. Just a quick stop at the big box electronics store and a $249 charge. I figured it would be the easiest Mother’s Day ever. I figured wrong,” Al Lewis writes for The Denver Post.

“Here’s what I learned about this business card-sized digital jukebox that stores up to 1,000 songs If you want to be assaulted by a humiliating burst of laughter, go to Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA or even Apple Computer’s own stores and ask for an iPod mini. Tell them you want it in pink and insist that you need it now… you cannot buy one. You can only put your name on a six-week waiting list,” Lewis writes.

“Apple has sold more than 3 million iPods since the devices debuted in November 2001, dominating the market for MP3 music players. Apple now sells more iPods than computers. And its iTunes digital music service is changing the way consumers buy music,’ Lewis writes. “So in desperation, I bought an original iPod – about the size of a cigarette pack – with accessories for about $400. This modern marvel is actually a better machine than the mini. It holds about 3,000 songs versus only 1,000 for the mini. Only problem: It wasn’t pink.”

Lewis writes, “My wife unwrapped it Sunday morning and suggested I take it back. Comparing iPod to its mini counterpart is like comparing Apples to oranges. After breakfast in bed, she got online and ordered herself a pink mini on the Apple website. I could sense her excitement as the site took her credit card number. Then she found about the unbearable six-week wait.”

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  1. come on. Please. iPod is great – I’ve got one. But it is boring already. Please let’s take a look at M$ Windows, or smth, except iPod. I suggest to MacDailyNews to change it’s name to iPodDailyNews. I will not go here again.

  2. Same thing here. Although I tried well in advance to secure the pink mini for my wife for mom’s day. No dice. So I got her the 15 GB iPod (my daughter already has a dockable one, so they will share the dock.) She was thrilled (and she is not a gadget freak.) Yesterday, one day after, she handed me a stack of CDs and said “Put them on my iPod!) Best thing is…I get her iPod when the pink mini comes in (I think)!


  3. Don’t want to rain on the parade, but my iPod mini broke a few weeks back with (I think) a shorted out battery. Apple haven’t bothered repairing it, instead they’ve sent me a new one. Of course, I’m extremely happy about this, especially as I don’t live in the US and was expecting a really long delay in getting a replacement, but I’m wondering if the first batch of minis weren’t quite as well-made as they should’ve been, and new ones are being used to replace faulty units.

  4. Living in Aussie getting ripped off by .Mac, no iTMS, & no iPod till July,so they say, probably October will be closer to the mark. Losing faith in Apple as a world wide company (yes I know its American), but they market their products to the world & nearly 48% of their turnover comes from off-shore USA. Trouble is that all of America seems to do whatever they please in the world & American companies are no different to their goverment. We Australians have a fair trade agreement with USA but it wont be totally operating till 2015. Now what is that, are Americans scared that little Australia will take American jobs.(Maybe I got something there as we make good cars like your new Pontiac GTO, Monaro here, is made in Australia) All we want is a level playing field not something slanted in favor of USA.

  5. i love apple stuff, but you people need to put things in perspective.

    life doesn’t revolve around material things.

    now, where the hell can i get a silver iPod mini?

  6. Dave H,
    And that is why we like and support Apple very much. Sure, there are horror stories about customer service like any other company, but they are rare and far in between. In my case, I got a brand new iMac when I bought one with a noisy fan. Apple can really surprise us, sometimes.

  7. If 48% of Apples business is outside the US, where do you think the other 52% resides? they have to cater to their single largest market first (as Sony does in Japan) and then release elsewhere. Im sure if they had a few million extra iPod minis lying around they would happily ship them worldwide. And blame the fact u dont have a iTMS on your own recording industry. Again, Apple wants a simple overall equal set-up, but these foreign recording companies are being morons about it.

    And I wish people would stop complaining about MDN showing iPod articles, their not writing them or leaving out other news, iPods are what people are writing about and are in love with. If Apple can be quick and build other consumer product and cash in on the hype, they may just grow to be as big as Sony (especially if jobs runs Disney, X-Serves throughout)

  8. Sara:

    As an act of revenge, send the USA a bulk shipment of Vege-mite. I swear to God, they’ll take any country that can eat that stuff more seriously than Iraq, Afghanistan or Costa Rica. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  9. Sara, I’ve got some bad news for you. Free trade won’t get you an iPod any faster. Here in Canada we’ve had a free trade agreement with the US since around 1988 or 89, and we still don’t have iPod minis or iTMS either. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  10. “Again, Apple wants a simple overall equal set-up, but these foreign recording companies are being morons about it.”
    And your record companies aren’t morons with their RIAA going after teenagers.
    Sony Japan dont put their products that arent available on their overseas web-sites. Big difference.
    And as for Apples pricing they make more money from overseas than they make from their domestic market. So if you equate profit its probably more like 70% overseas to 30% profit from USA. So don’t tell me about market-share. Its all about profit.

  11. Man I wish the manufacturer of the the Mini’s HD would get their act together. Who is it? Hitachi? Anyway, this is starting to get past the point where it is cool that they are so popular that they are hard to get and will start to have an impact on sales I am afraid. Some people might settle for another player just because they don’t want to wait.

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