Record iTunes radio stations with free RadioRecorder for Mac OS X

RadioRecorder lets you take a record of your favorite internet radio stations.

RadioRecorder supports any number of scheduled recordings that can be active simultaneously. Pick up an existing recording from the list at the top. New, Delete, Save and Revert buttons work as expected. The first time you run the program, or if you delete all your recordings, a new one will be automatically created.

You need to fill in a URL of the radio station. The easiest way to do this is to drag a radio station track from iTunes to the RadioRecorder window. Otherwise, type the http:// URL of the station. If you enter the information manually, don’t give the location of m3u, pls, asx and so on files. Instead, download the file, view it with a text editor and manually enter URL of the actual stream.

RadioRecorder will normally add its recordings to iTunes music library and the playlist you specify. Type a playlist name in the approporiate field (it will be created if necessary). If you leave this field blank, the files will be just left in Music/Radio Recorder folder of your home directory and not added to iTunes library.

Mp3 files use lots of disk/iPod space. You can set the number of recordings that RadioRecorder will keep before deleting the oldest one. This setting only applies to recordings left in their original playlist. To save a particular one, just delete it from the playlist and optionally add it to other ones. If you left the playlist field blank, or if you are splitting recordings into individual songs, this option has no effect.

Some internet radio stations send titles of the songs they play to their users. In this case, you can choose to save each song in a separate file rather than one large file for the whole recording. This allows you to arrange your favourite songs in any order you want later. If the station doesn’t send track titles, this checkbox has no effect. Make an experiment to find out.

RadioRecorder is free and recording can be scheduled. More info and download link here.


  1. Just curious, but how many people out there actually use the radio feature of iTunes? I have used it a couple of times, but I really rather prefer my own music. Perhaps if it was easy to find new stations, and you could add them to the radio section (rather than have to put them into playlists, which I think is rather kludgy, seeing as I already have a lot of playlists…)

    Just wondering.

  2. i like the radio. i like to listen to other stuff besides my own music. otherwise how will i know what else i like? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    but i always forget itunes has that!

  3. I use the radio feature almost every day. I get tired of my own music at times, and with DSL it works well. There are way fewer ads (or none) on most of the stations and they play more music (less stupid dj’s talking about something stupid). So I listen to it,, rather than actual radio. Some of the stations are better then others,, so just check them out til you find something you like.

  4. as long as it is an mp3 stream you can add anything to iTunes. NPR, Trance, you name it. Sadly some stations still go with the crappy Real Audio standards, or even worse, WinMedia.

  5. twilightmoon:

    Not sure if it’s helpful to you, but I set up a smart playlist with “Kind is MPEG audio stream” and “Kind is Playlist URL” to help keep track of streams. “Kind is QuickTime movie url” is another that could be used. Unfortunately “Size is Stream” and “Time is Continuous” won’t work since the only accepts numeric and time values. And streams from the built-in Radio playlist have to exist in some other playlist to be seen with a smart playlist. Oh, I also use strings in the Album ID3 tag (e.g. Radio).

    But something like user-defined categories under the built-in Radio playlist would be nice to keep down main playlist clutter.

    I’ve been using iNet Stream Archiver for recording streams. It’s less stable on 10.3 than on previous OS versions and development has stalled so I’ve been looking at alternatives. RadioLover has potential; the UI is reasonable, but it still lacks many of ISA’s must-have capabilities. I haven’t looked at RadioRecorder yet and maybe it’ll evolve to an ISA replacement.

  6. I agree with Rich B. My apartment is surrounded by tall buildings and my radio reception was always crappy as a result. I love being able to listen to the likes of Indie Pop Rocks, Magnature Classical and John Peel’s new-music shows from BBC Radio without the lousy reception. Now if only they could figure out a way around the packet drop/rebuffer problem, it would be perfect.

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  7. Like Mac Yak, I too live in an area with weak TV and radio station reception. The radio in iTunes allows me to listen to NPR and my other radio stations during the day. It’s also a great way to get a taste of radio broadcasts from all over the world.

  8. Are you guys talking about National Public Radio? Because even though I think you guys are the best and really great as a “people”, Public radio sucks so bad. I think it’s communist too. Am I wrong?

  9. Hey, how do you get the NPR stream into iTunes?? I really want to know, as I wish to play morning edition on my iPod during the day, but I cant get that NPR stream into iTunes. Thanks for your help.

  10. no one has answered yet where one can find more “radio stations” than those originally installed in itunes.

    I have found some great stations on itunes and would like to find more.

  11. I listen to iTunes radio a lot- some public radios play great music and have really good shows, I live in Italy and now it’s the only way for me to listen to the radio stations I used to like when I lived in California- like KALX, KCRW, Pirate Cat Radio, Radio Ghoul School, WMFU. Makes me really nostalgic too.

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