What can Apple add to ‘Tiger’ that Mac OS X ‘Panther’ doesn’t provide?

“‘Tiger’ is the name of the next release of Mac OS X, Apple Computer announced this week, following its habit of naming its Unix-based operating system after big cats like Puma (10.1), Jaguar (10.2) and Panther (10.3),” Glenn Fleishman writes for The Seattle Times. “Tiger brings to mind an eponymous William Blake poem, which begins ‘Tiger, tiger burning bright.’ Apple has never been better poised to make its core users happier or to find a broader audience. But what’s missing from Panther that only Tiger can bring?”

Fleishman writes, “Apple hasn’t reached the end of the road as to what an operating system can provide, but the maturity of Mac OS X makes it harder to compile a wish list that isn’t made up entirely of small feature improvements and bug fixes or complaints about iSync. I’d like to hear from readers about substantial features they would like to see in a future release that aren’t available from Mac software developers.”

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  1. “What can Apple add to ‘Tiger’ that Mac OS X ‘Panther’ doesn’t provide?”

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  2. Does any one use limewhire??
    If yes do you have problems with it, like you cant download things from internet, and when you rung norton, it comes up with major proble and stuff like that??
    If yes how do you fix these problems??
    I dont use limewhire any more.

  3. I’m not too sure what all Apple could really bring in 10.4. I’d like to see some tweaks in the networking/file sharing (I’ve been having a lot problems with my FTP server, and Windows file sharing). But maybe that’s just me.

    I suppose some more gooey GUI would be nice – more effects, windows flying around and all that Quartz extreme stuff. But honestly, I can’t think of anything major apple could bring. (Then again, I felt the same about 10.2 for the most part – and they brought Expose which I dont’ know how i lived without).

  4. Limewire sucks ass, its a poorly written program thats ultra slow. You should look in to Poisoned. Which is the only Mac client to actually log in to the Kazaa network.

  5. better CD burning functions so we won’t need roxio. improved networking to windows machines (changes on a windows computer doesn’t reflect automatically on my mac until i reconnect to it), built in Linux compatibility, anything on the promised longhorn feature list that isn’t already in OSX (that’s not going to be much), a version of OSX that will work with ATMs (banks are surely looking for alternatives to windows with the recent worm attacks) and more advertising

  6. Accessibility is going to be the big thing for Tiger, with Voice and Speech being a big deal, especially for government computers. This will be one area that Apple have a huge advantage over Microsoft. If a decent screen reader API is included in the operating system it means it will be thousands of dollars cheaper for people to deploy.

    I think on the user interface side we’re going to see a few tweaks as more parts of the OS and integrated apps use more of the iTunes style interface items, such as stored searches working like custom playlists, etc.

    Lastly, I would like to see more happening with Ink Well. When I first saw the mini-widgets in Panther I figured that Apple are on the way to producing a pocket version of OS X on either the iPod or a PDA/Phone device. More work on integrating Ink Well, or at least promoting it would be good.

    I am hoping that there will not be any huge changes to the GUI, like from Jaguar to Panther. A few tweaks here and there would be welcome, but Apple have to settle on how things should work and look like sooner or later. Expos� was wonderful, but don’t expect them to pull another huge improvement like that out of the bag every year.

    Lastly, Font management needs to be looked at seriously and improved.

  7. Thanks, but aquisition you need to pay for and i dont have a credit card.
    Ray did you had any problems with poisoned??
    Last time i used limewire its really nackerd my hardrive, does poisoned do it??

  8. A native AFS client suppor, a Partitions Manager that allows *live* changes to disk partitions without having to reformat the whole disk, support Linux-like shared libs (a shared that can act as dynamic, hence imposing distinction between dlybs and bundles), extended Rendezvous, ie beyond subnet, faster gcc *tuned* to OS X.

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