Knight Ridder columnist: Apple 12-inch PowerBook G4 ‘does it all easily and elegantly’

“[On vacation] I wanted a laptop along for other reasons: viewing and modifying photos using image-editing software; burning my photos onto blank CDs or DVDs for backup and sharing; managing my full music collection so that I could update my iPod’s contents if its original batch of tunes bored me; watching Hollywood DVDs along with ‘Enterprise’ episodes I recorded onto video CDs before my trip; and perhaps dabbling in a bit of video editing and DVD authoring,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata writes for Knight Ridder Newspapers.

“I needed a laptop that could do it all, easily and elegantly, while taking up little space. Apple’s 12-inch Macintosh PowerBook G4 ($1,799 with a DVD-burning SuperDrive at [url=][/url] fit the bill. It’s reasonably compact


  1. Sputnik, you’re really funny. If I can quote from my above post though “Mine does everything I need”. That includes managing a Europe wide WAN across 19 countries for my largest client, producing proposals, spreadsheets, presentations, network diagrams, remote controlling Windows/Exchange/SQL servers, connecting to Notes databases and telnetting into Linux boxes. I can VPN into each client too. Just about the only thing I can’t do is get infected with a virus. Not bad for a toy eh?

  2. “Apple makes nice toys…”

    Yes they sure do. It’s too bad that the ancient Incans didn’t realize that a little thing that we know of as the “wheel” was actually quite useful and not just a “toy”. Who knows how things would have turned out tif they could only imagine what they could do with “toys” like the wheel. Some people just can’t think “outside the proverbial box.” and stuck thinking only in their own little “real” world.

  3. Uhmm, should ask what all the labs in the world are doing with these toys, starting with Virginia Tech supercluster and ending with genome research.

    Funny how these multi-million $ projects decided to run on toys. Must be pretty complex toys the ones Apple makes.

    Much more capable than the PC toys world wide just used to run Quake and breed viruses.

    Sputnik, you would be fun if you weren’t just pathetic. Must sux big time to be such a Windows sucker.

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