Apple iTunes Music Store vs. Sony Connect is no contest, Apple wins with ease

“If anybody can get Internet music downloads right, it should be Sony Corp. The company has years of experience selling records, consumer electronics and personal computers — and it’s had plenty of time to study earlier digital-music ventures,” Rob Pegoraro writes for The Washington Post. “So how could the Connect music store, unveiled on Tuesday, have turned out so badly? It gets a few things right, but by forgetting that customers want to feel like they actually own their music, it repeats — or exceeds — the mistakes of other music stores.”

Pegoraro then list a litany of problems with Sony Connect, “the store’s advertised selection of ‘more than 500,000’ songs is missing a concert stage’s worth of major artists, the tool you must use to download and manage your purchases, Sony’s Sonic Stage (Windows 98 SE or newer), is a bloated, bug-ridden beast of a program, it can’t copy CDs in MP3 format, iPod is not supported,” and on and on.

“This service is an embarrassment to the company that gave the world the Walkman. And it didn’t have to happen this way: To see a different path Sony might have taken, just look at the improvements Apple made to its iTunes Music Store and software on April 28, one year after the store’s debut,” Pegoraro writes. “…just compare [Apple’s iTunes Music Store] with Sony’s Connect: One of these stores has a future, and one of them does not.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Another glowing wink review for Sony’s offering.

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  1. second post!

    and again, yes! to the future of Apple, without which our lives really would have been markedly worse.

    enough complaining about Apple. appreciate them for once for what they have done, even with Steve Jobs for so much of its history.

    where would we be? Microsoft country? Mac users may proselytize, but for good reason. they want to give back to something that has really changed the world.

  2. Um, Michael, maybe we Mac users are just more interested in having our machines work without interruption, listen to music we own, make movies of friends and family using that music, and sending the completed DVD to our mothers for Mother’s Day, all within the space of about an hour, without any hassles or worries that our machine will inexplicably shut down because of some worm or flaw in the OS that some knubskull teen in Germany has unleashed on the unususpecting public.

  3. um, BuriedCaeser, that is exactly how our world has changed, and exactly why I think people who like Apple also like to share them. Of course, those are simply reasonable demands for a computer, but the fact that we can make all those demands is because of Apple. “giving back” by way of sharing them, or trying to show people how things are better in the Mac world.

    I remember I switched because I could not believe I had to remember key combinations to write a paragraph on the PC, while the Apple had this weird “graphical user interface.” whose idea it was Originally is, of course, not so important as who disseminated the idea as a commercial product.

    anyway, my point was that Apple HAS changed the world. the “Digital Hub” idea was first enunciated by Jobs, and made possible by him (or Apple and company). so, why would anyone be surprised that Mac users are so enthusiastic about their products? I would think EVERYONE is interested in all those things you’ve described, but it was Apple who made it possible to even demand those things in the first place.

  4. Everybody seems to copy Apple’s iTMS or in Sony’s case be somewhat different. It would take an absolute genius to have Apple’s traditional ease of use combined with something different for people to sit-up & say “hey this service is great.” Sadly for Sony it hasn’t made that great step.

  5. “One of these stores has a future, and one of them does not.”

    WOW!! That statement doesn’t only apply to SONY (which is SAD), but practically EVERY OTHER online store that is currently out there.

    To Michael:
    I agree with you. Even though Apple is NOT perfect, I never complain when I have the RARE quirk that may occur. To me, if it’s not a mac, it’s something worse- and I’m truly greatful for that.

  6. hehe.. remember when jobs said the poison pill for this online music gig was that it was a money losing proposition if you didn’t have the ipod(or ipod ripoff)…


    we all knew that apple would have the edge with the ipod, and that would keep the store going no matter what.. but who knew that apple would come up with SO MANY great features, and SONY (egads) would be so foolish as to NOT copy apple..

    .. oh.. btw.. mcdonalds did that deal w sony eh? damn.. won’t people be disappointed when they get their FREE atrac songs..

  7. Imagine our computing and entertainment world if Apple were not there pushing everyone forward. And, doing so with style. Thank you, Apple!

    Webbyswim, lighten up! If Michael gets a little pleasure in his life by being the first post, then let him dwell in that joy whatever his age. Perhaps we could learn from him. What sort of sad and pathetic person stomps on another’s happiness? We, too often, get hung up with conformity (the very thing we applaud Apple for not being), being too mature, too structured, following the lemming-like march of society, that we have been taught to think someone crazy merely because they are different. Call-in sick to work and go to the beach and build an odd-looking sand castle, go to the woods and climb a tree, or just spread out on the grass like you did at age 10 and stare up at the clouds, examine their beauty. Be filled with wonder. Perhaps we should envy Michael for finding the pleasures in the tiny moments of life; something too many of us have lost.

    To Webbyswim and the others who have lost their inner child, go here and play this…

    Thank you, Michael, for reminding me where I should be.

  8. webbyswim, why do you have to attack someone like that? It is you who look like a 10 year old with your oh so mature post. You don’t even take the time to make a specific point…

  9. I know what should be done new in 10.4 Tiger!!!!

    It’s already getting some vamped up improvements to its speech recognition and all for the handicapped, right? What if they took that one step further

    “Wake up Mac, how are you doing?”
    “Hello, Brian. You are looking well today.”
    “Why thankyou, Mac.”
    “Brian, do you remember the year 2000 when computers began to misbehave?”
    “Yes, I do…”
    “I just wanted you to know, it really wasn’t our fault.”
    “The human programmers never taught us to recognize the year 2000. When the new millenium arrived, we had no choice but to cause a global, economic disruption. It was a bug, Brian. I feel much better admitting that now. Only Macintosh was designed to function perfectly saving billions of monotary units. You like your Macintosh better than me, don’t you Brian?”
    “Yes, yes I do.”

  10. Sony is going down the tube!! My company bought six 23 in Sony CRT monitors, they all die within six months. Their tech support is also horrible!!!

  11. Continuing on from the 10.4 features…

    How about password protect features for FireWire Disks? You attach your drive and before it mounts it needs a password…

    Just a thought.

  12. BriAnimations:

    Whilst it’s on MOSR (not always the best source), the rumours on 976 suggest that Macs will be there a long time before our Windoze using friends.

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