MTV jumps into Apple iTunes-dominated online music service fray

“MTV Networks is expected to launch an online music service powered by MusicNet later this year, making it the latest big brand to enter an increasingly crowded market for online music, according to people familiar with the plan,” Reuters reports. “Both MTV, a unit of Viacom, and MusicNet, a joint venture of RealNetworks and three labels, Bertelsmann’s BMG, EMI Group and Warner Music, declined to comment.”

“MTV has indicated before that it wants to enter the digital-music arena, a market that is gaining momentum with the advent of popular services like Apple Computer’s popular iTunes service,” Reuters reports. MusicNet is a business-to-business company that charges its clients fees for offering them the technology, the infrastructure and its catalog of licensed music to develop digital music services.”

Some of MusicNet’s customers use Microsoft’s Windows Media Audio (WMA) proprietary format to compress the music. Other MusicNet customers use RealNetworks’ proprietary audio format. Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store dominates the current legit online music landscape with over 70% market share. If MTV chooses to use WMA or Real formats, songs purchase form MTV’s store would not play on Apple’s other market-leading phenomenons, the iPod and iPod mini, as they are now configured.

“It was unclear which format the MTV deal would involve, the people familiar with the discussions said. It was also unclear what the MTV service will cost, although similar services now charge about $1 a song or about $10 a month for unlimited use of streamed music,” Reuters reports. “MTV hopes to use its brand awareness and clout with young music fans in a strategy similar to that of electronics giant Sony, which this week announced a new online music service called Sony Connect, which is compatible with its MiniDisc Walkman devices.”

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  1. With the proliferation of iPods throughout MTV’s dominant Hip-Hop culture, their adoption of anything other than iTunes is just stupid. And to put out songs that don’t work on iPods at all would be idiotic at best. Oh well, it’s MTV!

  2. It sounds like a conflict of interest – MTV pushing the same drivel they focus on their station. iTunes gives me the 20,000 foot perspective as I look down at the various genres.

    Next time I turn 11, I’ll check out the MTV store. Until then, whatever.

  3. Old Pedant – I hope you aren’t a teacher.

    From The American Heritage Dictionary:
    phe�nom�e�non ( P ) Pronunciation Key (f-nm-nn, -nn)
    n. pl. phe�nom�e�na (-n)

    1. An occurrence, circumstance, or fact that is perceptible by the senses.
    2. pl. phe�nom�e�nons
      1. An unusual, significant, or unaccountable fact or occurrence; a marvel.
      2. A remarkable or outstanding person; a paragon. See Synonyms at wonder.
    3. Philosophy. In the philosophy of Kant, an object as it is perceived by the senses, as opposed to a noumenon.
    4. Physics. An observable event.

  4. Old Pedant – My point is that in this case, referring to a the iPod or iPod mini (objects), the correct plural is “phenomenons.” If the article were referenceing events or the like, then the “phenomena” would be correct.

  5. i think these me-too services are finding.. (DUH).. that wow.. user experience actually counts for sth..

    scot blum has ripped ppl off.. (all 30 of his customers).. and the new sony service pales in comparaison to apple (can’t even adjust column widths?? lol)

    i just have a feeling that no one is talking about an itunes killer until they see that it REALLY REALLY has a sweet interface.. until then.. get in line for your spanking administered by, well, Jobs and Co.

  6. MTV sucks so much these days. I cant stand so much of their programming. They play music like they enjoy beating dead horses and good luck getting them to play older videos. VH1 is more enjoyable, it deals with current and past music much better playing to my interests as a product of the late 80s and 90s

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