Free iTMS Extractor saves music videos, movie trailer from Apple’s iTunes Music Store

iTMS Extractor from Ollie Wagner “is a little utility to effortlessly save music videos and movie trailers from the iTunes Music Store to the user’s Hard Drive.”

iTMS Extractor is free. More information and download link here.


  1. And if legal gets to them then open your Terminal and enter the following:

    cp -v `lsof |grep -i QTP| grep iTunes|awk ‘{ print $9 }’` ~/Desktop/

    Run that in Terminal after you open iTunes and load the video you want to copy. And bam, a copy is on your desktop. Rename it, and voila, it’s yours.

    It just pretty much copies a Quicktime cache file created by iTunes to your desktop.

  2. This is going to vanish REAL FAST! I take back what I just wrote. By ripping the video, you can then use QuickTime to rip the song and put it into your iTunes music collection. (DUH!!)

    In short, you’re stealing the song!

    How long do you think it will take Apple to allow this to happen? They may just pull the videos to protect the artists until they can come up with a more secure solution.

    You may have to tolerate a lower quality streamed video in the future.

  3. Dang Ary, I didn’t see your most recent post. You are right about that too. You could rip the audio right out of it. I hope they don’t stream, it is a sucky technology that looks horrible.

  4. The audio on the videos isn’t the same quality. I tried it with Sarah McLachlan’s “Fallen.” The one I saved from the iTMS video and then exported the audio with pass-through (no processing) sounded tinny compared to the one I bought from iTMS which sounds close to the CD version.

  5. You dont need any special software (although it may be a little easier),
    if you have QT Pro, Open a video, let it load, do a search for INVISIBLE temp files (QTtemp#### somthing like that) double click it to open in QT Pro, File>Save As>Self Contained Movie, BAM, there you go. I love videos, this is much better than watching MTv and seeing 3000 sucky videos 100 times each, just to see a couple of goo ones. plus Im probably more likely to buy the song if I like the video. Oh and I love Sarah McLachlan

  6. Here’s an AppleScript I found from that works well, just copy and paste it into ScriptEditor then save it in your ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts folder:

    set originalFile to do shell script “lsof |grep -i QTP| grep iTunes|head -1|awk ‘{ print $9 }'”
    if length of originalFile is greater than 0 then
    set newFile to POSIX path of (choose file name with prompt “Save movie as:” default name “iTunes”)
    if length of newFile is greater than 0 then
    if newFile does not end with “.mov” then set newFile to newFile & “.mov”
    do shell script “cp -v ‘” & originalFile & “‘ ‘” & newFile & “‘”
    end if
    display dialog “No movie found.” buttons {”OK”} default button “OK”
    end if

  7. cp -v `lsof |grep -i QTP| grep iTunes|awk ‘{ print $9 }’` ~/Desktop/

    Jadis One, I know this is not a support site, but since you mentioned it, I would like to learn to do it this way. The video fully loaded in iTunes and I copied, pasted and ran the command, but nothing happened. Could you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks a bunch.

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