Associated Press: ‘No one has come close to iTunes’ ease of use and features’

“A year after Apple Computer Inc. proved that commercial music downloads from the Internet can be both convenient and legal, its pioneering iTunes software has undergone a revision that offers a flurry of advances — but takes one step backward,” Matthew Fordahl writes for The Associated Press.

“iTunes 4.5 bumps up the number of computers that can play a song purchased from Apple’s iTunes Music Store. It lets you share playlists and create attractive inserts for CD cases. And it builds on an already impressive set of features designed to help people discover new music. But in a change that only the recording industry will appreciate, iTunes reduces the number of times the same list of purchased songs can be burned to compact discs,” Fordahl writes. “Most people never hit the old limit of 10 burns and probably won’t come close to the new restriction of seven. But such rules seem silly given that an audio CD can be easily duplicated. At least the new restriction doesn’t apply to songs bought before last week.”

Fordahl writes, “The limit apparently hasn’t cooled iTunes’ popularity. Since the updated software was released last week, a record 3.3 million songs have been downloaded, Apple said Wednesday. iTunes still sets the standard for music organization software and the ever-increasing population of online music stores. No one has come close to iTunes’ ease of use and features.”

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  1. And wait for the new home-entertainment device by Apple, which will count as a computer in terms of usage rights and makes the brilliance of this move by Apple obvious.

  2. If Apple had to throw the Labels a bone to get 5 computers authorized I think they picked the right one. Anyone who knows anything about it knows it is meaningless (Everybody but the execs at the labels that is ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Who on earth wants to make CD�s when you can use iPod/iTunes/iTunes Music Store Combo?
    IMHO. It could be limited to 2. That much I need that feature.
    For me it is much more important that I can use the music with iDVD/iPhoto/iMovie. There I want to make 10-25 copies or more. That must be unlimited.

  4. I’d like to hear a legitimate reason for burning 10 (or even 7) copies of the same playlist. I can’t think of one with the exception of giving them away to family & friends which is copyright infringement. Maybe my music listening habits are different than others, but I usually just burn one for back up and one for the car, and my iPod covers everything else. Anyone?

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