Analyst Enderle: Sony way too late to compete with Apple iPod, iTunes

“By taking on industry leader Apple, Sony will compete with a company that has sold 3 million iPods and 70 million songs at its iTunes Music Store, which celebrated its first anniversary last week. Other digital music competitors: Wal-Mart, MusicMatch, Napster and MusicNow,’ Jefferson Graham reports for TechNewsWorld.

“Sony aims to take on industry leader Apple today with an online music service whose songs will play only on Sony products. Internet analysts are scratching their heads, especially because the digital download service — called Connect — is geared toward supporting Sony’s MiniDisc, a 13-year-old format that has never hit big,” Graham reports. “But some retailers say sales of MiniDisc players perked up in the two years since Sony added the ability to record digital music onto them.”

“Analyst Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group thinks it’s way too late. ‘Walk into a store,’ he says. ‘You don’t see MiniDisc players promoted or people talking about them. Its time was three years ago, and it didn’t make it.’ Sony says Connect songs will work on portable CD players and Walkman devices that use Memory Stick removable flash media,” Graham reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Before everyone starts thinking Enderle has turned over a new leaf, isn’t it true that HP is one of his clients? Dissing the iPod or iTunes would make them look bad.

  2. In 3 months we will begin to really see how sony will do. All PC anal-ysts keep saying that Apple will be killed when Sony and MS enter the online fray, I think we can all tell that Sony is dead in the water from the get go by using a 3 year old unwanted technology. So that leaves MS and their “Rent on the Run” theory. How long will it take them to implement that? Probably when we see Longhorn and Paladin, when Apple has a three+ year headstart.
    How ’bout that new iPod ad, I love it. And anyone watch the Toby Lightman – Devils & Angels Video? An iPod an unto itself, great. Apple should collect all music Videos that have iPod in them, Jenny from the Block anyone?

  3. Sony missed the Minidisc bus way back when they failed to even market MD recordings through the Columbia House Record Club. Neglecting to market to such an “installed user base” was downright stupid.

    Now pit an MD player next to an iPod ?? Sheer lunacy.

  4. I was wondering you know since the only downloaded music you can put on your ipod is from the itunes music store. Is there anyway to get around that? If you burn the mp3’s to a cd-r can you put that on your ipod

  5. …tick…tick…tick…kaboom in a room….iPod stands alone…. what are Sony, Walmart and Microsoft thinking… “oh it’s Apple, we can walk over them again just like we did with the PC we ripped off”….WRONG…. they think Apple didn’t learn…Welcome to the new world boys and girls. iPod is just the beginning. Apple is slowly perfecting their strategy using iTMS and iPod as a test vehicle. When they have all the pieces in place, the new Empire (a.k.a. Apple) will strike back for all users for the next 100 years. God help Microsoft…. First, iPod/iTunes domination, soon downloadable video, cutting edge hardware (G5), killer OS(X) + a company that now believes in open-source.


  6. jon k:

    You can put any MP3 you have onto the ipod. ITunes (the program, not the store) recognizes and accepts MP3 music files whether downloaded from the internet or ripped from a CD. Once on iTunes, it can be then synched to the iPod.

    Easy. It’s what most of the world outside the U.S. does, since only the U.S. can use the iTunes music store.

    What you can’t do is download proprietary WMV files and have them instantly recognized by iTunes. But MP3s are NO PROBLEM at all.

    There’s this weirdly pervasive myth that iPods don’t work with anything but iTMS purchases … it just ain’t so.

    ANY MP3s will play on your iPod.

    Repeat …

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