Analyst Enderle: Sony way too late to compete with Apple iPod, iTunes

“By taking on industry leader Apple, Sony will compete with a company that has sold 3 million iPods and 70 million songs at its iTunes Music Store, which celebrated its first anniversary last week. Other digital music competitors: Wal-Mart, MusicMatch, Napster and MusicNow,’ Jefferson Graham reports for TechNewsWorld.

“Sony aims to take on industry leader Apple today with an online music service whose songs will play only on Sony products. Internet analysts are scratching their heads, especially because the digital download service — called Connect — is geared toward supporting Sony’s MiniDisc, a 13-year-old format that has never hit big,” Graham reports. “But some retailers say sales of MiniDisc players perked up in the two years since Sony added the ability to record digital music onto them.”

“Analyst Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group thinks it’s way too late. ‘Walk into a store,’ he says. ‘You don’t see MiniDisc players promoted or people talking about them. Its time was three years ago, and it didn’t make it.’ Sony says Connect songs will work on portable CD players and Walkman devices that use Memory Stick removable flash media,” Graham reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Mini-disk? Is that something like a five and a quarter inch floppy? Oh yeah… I used to have one on my Osbourne CP/M based computer in 1981.

    Ya… mini-disk, I remember.

  2. Minidiscs are the greatest thing ever if you’re a musician and need a simple way to record rehearsals, lessons and performances. Or if you’re a reporter and need a way to record interviews. They sound great and, once you learn how to operate the obtuse controls, are easy enough to use. Sony *never* should have positioned them as the replacement to the walkman. It is a terrific recording device, but a lousy walkman.

  3. My boss has an MD Walkman and thinks it is just the greatest thing ever ‘becuase you can reorder the playlist and change out songs on the disc.’ And get this, he bought an iPod (5GB) when they came out and gave it away, but still loves the MD Walkman!?!?!?!? (And this from a man who is none as being an early adopter in his field! Oh, yeah, and he still uses OS 9 on his iMac.) The funny thing is, I have a 40GB iPod, and I can add songs to my entire music collection and rearrange the playlist on it!

  4. Wow Enderle, lately I am actually reading your articles with a new optimistic attitude. Keep it up. Enderle must be reading Thurrotts articles and realizing how foolish he’s been and how blatantly biased Thurrott is. Welcome home Enderle…please just don’t disappoint us.

  5. I disagree, Sony will be Apples biggest competitor in this area. They are not too late, this thing is still just a baby. Sony has a rep for being the Apple of the PC world, and they do a decent job with their computers. Sorry to be a downer, but thats my opinion…

  6. I finally got my 30Gb iPod over the weekend, and I’ve been uploading my music onto it until the wee hours of the morning. Ripping my CDs is a tedious process, but it’s rewarding. I already have 1645 songs on it, and I STILL have 20Gb to go. I can’t wait to convert my Star Wars Radio Dramas from Cassette to ACC and add them, too. Each chapter is 30Mb each. I just don’t see this kind of flexibility with a Sony player. Sorry, Sony. You’re not going to get me. You never *had* me.

    Plus, I discovered my iPod has Solitaire on it. I don’t need Windows anymore! LOL

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