A look at the G5 and an analyst who thinks Apple does not offer servers

“For most of its first 20 years of existence, Apple relied on Motorola for all of its processor development. Then, in 1995, Apple gave birth to the Power Mac family of computers powered by the PowerPC chip, a next-generation processor the company co-developed with IBM and Motorola. The PowerPC processor put the Macintosh machines on a better-than-even footing with the speed of Intel’s newer processors,” Jack M. Germain writes for MacNewsWorld.

“Motorola dominated development and production of the G4 chip, which proved a problem for Apple. The chips’ clock speed lagged behind that of their Intel and AMD counterparts, and too often chip production lagged behind demand,” Germain writes. “When Apple introduced the G5 chip at last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, blinding speed and 64-bit computing were not its only newsworthy qualities. With the exception of Motorola’s AltiVec technology in the new chip, the G5 was and is a wholly IBM production.”

“‘Apple’s partnership with IBM makes a lot of sense from a strategic development point of view,’ Michael Gartenberg, research director for the Client Access and Technologies Group at Jupiter Research, told MacNewsWorld. ‘Letting IBM do it is a very smart move.’ Gartenberg said Apple’s genius is in knowing what to do with the G5. ‘Certainly, Apple will have a lot of say in the direction of the new chip’s development.’ Although some industry watchers say Apple’s decision to vest total development of the G5 processor with IBM instead of Motorola shows a tear in the computer maker’s fabric, Gartenberg said that simply isn’t the case. ‘It makes perfectly good sense. This will allow Apple to focus on its core development of the Macintosh line. It’s a good move and certainly not a sign that anything is wrong,’ he said,’ Germain writes.

“To James Turley, principal analyst at Silicon Insider, this is just another chapter in Apple’s gradual transition to a single vendor,” Germain writes.

[MacDailyNews Note: However, Turley is also quite confused, so take his comments with more than a few grains of salt. Read on, we’re not making this up.]

Germain writes, “Turley said that, if Apple were to offer servers, it would have to run Linux or some derivative of the Mac OS because Windows is not an option. ‘That cuts the potential market significantly, since a lot of customers prefer Windows on their servers, just as many customers prefer Windows on their desktop,’ he concluded. ‘Within the Linux realm, however, G5-based systems should be quite competitive.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Um, Apple does indeed offer servers. The Apple 64-bit Xserve G5 line along with Mac OS X Server operating system. Apple’s server solutions have garnered rave reviews, awards, and industry-wide praise. Sheesh, some “analysis” by Turley, huh? Silicon Insider ought to offer him a pink slip.


  1. What a moron! This world is coming to an end! How can be possible that this mongols get those high salaries and they don’t have a clue about what they talking. A little trip to apple.com wouldn’t take enough time from his schedule, just to learn something about Apple’s offerings! I guess he is another MCSE hahahaha!

  2. Missed that: “principal analyst at Silicon Insider”

    WOW, if that is the principal analyst what the minions would have said?

    “If Apple – the maker of the iPod – was to start manufacturing computers it would be a sure blast riding on the success of their mp3 player. Maybe even a digital hub: could that be the revolution on the PC industry?”

  3. A word of advice for anyone writing/reporting for a website or magazine…


    Jesus.. to think these guys earn a living from this crap!

  4. Maybe for Turley’s next interview he will comment on why Apple should adopt the Palm OS and create a multimedia player, but because “many people prefer Windows” it may be a bad idea.

  5. I just emailed the so called ‘editor’ for the news on that webshite.

    I would be ashamed if I wrote that article – the guy should get the sack!

  6. Really strange…the article pretty much admits Turley is an idiot–his offending comments come under the headline “Analyst Glitch”–but nonetheless quotes him at length.

    Besides, the whole idea is idiotic–every OS X running machine has the capacity to be web server, SQL server, mailserver, etc. in minutes if needed or wanted.

  7. Technewsworld totally dissed Turley, the dipshit expert who never even heard of OS X, much less Xserve. The reporter deserves some credit for that.

  8. Technewsworld totally dissed Turley, the dipshit expert who never even heard of OS X, much less Xserve. The reporter deserves some credit for that.”

    Then why get a reporter to write about a subject they know fuck all about??

    My cat knows more about macs that that idiot!

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