Time Mag: ‘Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac is clearly superior’ to Windows version

“Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac is clearly superior to its PC counterpart for most users. Last fall Microsoft put out a bloated update of Office for Windows that focused more on collaborating with other users than on making it easier for you to get your own work done. The streamlined Office for Mac puts individuals first,” Anita Hamilton writes for Time Magazine. “New work-bundling software [included in Office 2004] for Macs could make Windows users envious.”

Full article here.


  1. Too much negativity–there WAS no Office 2004 for Mac until now; it’s a new version and this is great PR since many PC users don’t even knoe Office for Mac even exists.

  2. I would say the Office 2k3 for win is better than 2004 for Mac…..I’ve used them both…From a corporate standpoint, with all the so-called “bloatware” it is very intuative and very easy to use…(Collaboration works very well) I think they will do the same with the next version for mac…

  3. If the Mac is a BMW..Then my PeeeeeCeeeee must be an Aston Martin ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. NONO,

    What are you talking about? You a beta tester? I’ll take Time’s word over yours. I use Office XP and Office v. X at work I and much prefer the Mac version. Why should this change with the next version of Office for Mac (2004) due out in two weeks or so?

    Get real.

  5. Read the full story… the first paragraph pretty much sums up exactly what most pc users think of macs.

    PC’s are not Honda’s or Hummers…. they’re more like souped up AMC Pacers with all broken windows. And a lot of duct tape. But with a new paint job. And a Rolls Royce hood ornament.

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