Steve Jobs named San Francisco Chronicle’s ‘CEO of the Year’

“Most chief executives have enough on their hands steering one company. Steve Jobs, however, is The Chronicle 200’s CEO of the year because he excelled at running two companies. Jobs, 49, is chief executive officer of Apple Computer Inc., which ranked 15th in The Chronicle 200 based on revenue. During the year, the Cupertino computer company started the iTunes Music Store, which is helping sell more of Apple’s stylish iPod music players as well as helping to reshape the entire recording industry,” Benny Evangelista and Matthew Yi write for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Jobs is also CEO of Pixar Animation Studios Inc., which ranked No. 140 on The Chronicle 200 list, based on revenue. The Emeryville company had a blockbuster year with the release of the Oscar-winning ‘Finding Nemo,’ the computer-generated animated feature that is the latest in a string of successes and is causing ripples across the movie industry,” Evangelista and Yi write. “Two jobs, but only one Jobs.”

Full article here.


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