Apple CEO Steve Jobs advising presidential candiate Kerry on economic issues

“Billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Apple Computer Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs are advising Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on economic issues. Kerry, 60, the four-term Massachusetts senator challenging President George W. Bush, ‘reached out to them and they’re giving him economic advice about the deficit and job creation,’ said David Wade, Kerry’s campaign spokesman,” Jon Steinman reports for Bloomberg News.

Steinman reports, “Neither Buffett, the world’s second-richest man according to Forbes magazine, nor Jobs, who ranks 262 on the Forbes list of billionaires, has personally contributed to Kerry’s campaign… Apple Computer employees since January 2003 have given a total of $7,251 to Kerry.”

“Jobs, 49, has 2000 Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore on Apple’s board of directors. A spokesman for Jobs had no immediate comment,” Steinman reports. “According to a New York Times/CBS News poll, in a three-way race that includes independent Ralph Nader, 70, Bush would get support from 43 percent of voters and Kerry would get 41 percent. The survey was conducted April 23-27.”

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  1. I reckon that is not surprising. I figured Jobs to be somewhat liberal, but at least he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve. As a fundamentalist conservative, I really didn’t care either way when he appointed Gore on the board. I am not sure what he contributes, but I reckon that Jobs wanted his influence and expertise. Apple’s products are apolitical and I love them and own shares in Apple. I try not to get all wrapped up in people’s (CEO) political leanings and where they may spend their money; whether I agree with them or not. I don’t buy from SmallDog because he flaunts his views (his right, of course) and his commentaries are offensive to me.

  2. ‘Buffett, 73, who heads the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. investment company, has criticized Bush’s tax cuts as “welfare” for the rich.’

    I love it when billionaires complain that they pay too little in taxes. If Buffett and others want to make a contribution to reduce the federal deficit there is no law prohibiting this. As far as I know altruism is neither a criminal activity nor is giving one’s money away a social taboo.

    In politics often the simple solution is ignored and the simplistic one propagandized.

  3. This just makes me feel more and more comfortable about supporting Kerry.
    I am in the ABB (Anybody But Bush) camp and Kerry seems like a good alternative.

  4. Let’s see who can resist the urge for vitriol…I can think of at least three who are likely to fail. As a Republican, this doesn’t bother me a bit, though it might if Steve wore his politics on his sleave and started spouting off all the time. He’s a great computer maker–who cares about the rest?

  5. It would be amazing if this thread doesn’t dissolve into a political flame war.

    opps here we go!

    My guesstimates is we are going to have Bush for another term, people are going to reward him for taking care of the terrorism business.

    Kerry doesn’t have a leg to stand on and making a weak attempt to say the Iraq thing was a bad idea. Some of the pro-left media is trying to stir up shit by broadcasting the mistreatment of Iraqi soldiers and reading off the war dead.

    These radical Islamic types declared war on us and killed thousands of Americans on Sept. 11th, we are justified to go in there and take the fight out of them before they come to our shores again with something even deadlier than a few jumbo jets.

    The Israeli/Arab land/religious/racial war doesn’t help things out any either.

    One can blame the religious radical Likud party who think they own the land Israel use to be on over 2000 years ago and are doing God’s work.

    I think if God with all his power, can make things happen in such a way as not to cause hardship, discrimination, racism and death and tarnish his image of a loving God.

    But since Israel has always been a waring people, I think the idea of “God” is just nothing more than religious propaganda to get people to follow and kill other human beings.

    Religion is for the dumb and weak minded. But we all are herd animals, we like to part of a group and it’s frustrating to us not to be part of something.

    The intelligent walk their own path, it’s a hard one, but neccessary.

    So being Mac user makes us a group and it’s not like Steve Jobs is filling our heads full of hate, giving us a snow job or trying to kill others.

    He want to make us happy computer users.

    That should ge the party started…

  6. Steve Jobs has always been a contributor to the Democrats and a supporter of left-wing political causes. I am a conservative Republican (BTW- GWB is NOT a conservative and barely a Republican, Conservatives don’t run $500 Billion Defecits) and really don’t care who Steve Jobs supports.
    I’m not voting for GWB and wouldn’t vote for Kerry even if I agreed with his views (not the old ones- the ones as of 11:47 CST 1 May, 2004 & they will change), I just do not trust him: he seems the kind who wants to be President not to accomplish specific things- he just wants to be President. I see GWB as a man with similar motivation, he didn’t come with a list of things to accomplish, he just wanted the job.
    One could do a lot worse than have WB and SJ giving advice on business and economic issues, they both have a wealth of experience and enough age to temper their idealism. Kerry could do a lot worse.

  7. Sailfish:
    You’re off-base on Israel. Regardless of Likud, the Barak government and a continuing majority of the public has been willing to turn over about 95% of the West Bank and Gaza in return for peace (and other territory to make them whole to 100%). The offer was spurned, the current terrorist wave was launched, and continues. Sure, there are some extremists on the Israeli side, but there is no moral equivalence here…

  8. As a Texan and a conservative (even though I am a college student) I prefer GB over Kerry. People can blame Bush all they want for the deficit and economy but its a trend that started under Clintons 8 year watch and Democrats are still sore about Gore losing in a way that hasnt happened since FDR won the presidency. It would be nice to start having more blurred lines between the parties and start getting some more things done and get congress’ ass in gear by forcing them to remove their special social security plan they voted for themselves and get them in our pool so they will do something more than putting a band aid on our futures while theirs are guaranteed. Problem with this country is that we let the news conglomerates tell us what they think we should know and tell us how to think and the majority go along with it instead of telling our representatives what we really want and need. Clean energy, clean water, safe neighborhoods, good safe schools, broadband across the country.

    Sometime in the future this country is gonna have to bite the bullet and allow the government to allocate sufficient funds to retool and revamp this countrys power structure. We just need to figure out how to do it efficiently.

  9. Bush is cleaning up the ignored mess left by Clinton/Gore in the middle east.

    Running a debt is nothing for the US, the Fed can print up more money at anytime and pay everyone off. The US is the #1 economy in the world, running a small debt has more of a beneficial physiological effect on the nation than a surplus does.

    What are we going to do? Pave the roads with gold?

    Democrats want socialism, which everyone gets a handout from the government and don’t work or keep themselves busy. Crime increases because of idle hands and minds. Just look at areas of the country where Democrats rule, it’s economically stagnant, everyone is on welfare.

    Republicans want capitalism, where everyone is a slave and working their asses off. This keeps people busy, and in the pursuit of a hopefully a better life with money, people work their asses off to make a buck, start business etc. On the other hand those who can’t play this game, handicapped, mentally deranged, under-skilled, get left out.

    So we as a nation keep bouncing back and forth between the two extremes, the result is a moderate country with a few things falling through the cracks.

    Will a socialism approach solve the homeless problem?
    Will a capitalism approach solve the homeless problem?

    Will a socialized medicine be better? Or should we stick with the capitalistic medicine we have now?

    We have enough wealth in this country to give everyone a cheap house and food for life, problem is people will be idle and chaotic without something to keep them busy.

    To keep them busy a system was designed to motivate them by making them work for food and housing. Necessary human needs.

    We all play the economic game to get our needs, if that breaks down we will resort to crime, war etc.

  10. Sailfish:

    “Religion is for the dumb and weak minded.”

    It is possible to be a friend of God and not be religious, but there are many, like you, who cannot distinguish between the institutions of religion (man made) from our individual responsibilities in prioritizing relationships (God derived). You ought to reconsider your biases, prejudices, and pretexts; and realize that it is ultimately all about our individual willingness to obey that each of us will be held to account. [Read Matthew 22:36-40.]

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