Russian music sells ‘legal’ popular songs for just a few cents per megabyte

“‘6.8 cents a song doesn’t even cover the royalties that other services pay to record labels, which makes me highly suspicious of the legality of the content they are selling,’ Jarad Carleton, an IT industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan in Palo Alto, California, told TechNewsWorld. Tired of paying 99 cents a track for your music downloads? Try paying for them by the megabyte,” John P. Mello Jr. reports for TechNewsWorld.

“An online store based in Moscow is selling music downloads by popular artists like Norah Jones, Usher, Prince, Outkast and scores of others for 1 to 2 cents per megabyte of song.
What’s more, the downloads are free of restrictions, and you can choose their format: WMA, AAC, MP3 or even direct copies of CD tracks with so-called lossless codecs,” Mello Jr. reports. “Paying by the megabyte for music can result in huge savings for consumers, according to Charles Wright, a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia.”

Mello Jr. reports, “In an article published in the newspaper, Wright disclosed that over a period of a few weeks, he purchased 4.74 GB of MP3 music — about 968 tracks — for US$48.65 from the Russian site, A similar buying spree at Apple’s iTunes store — which isn’t available Down Under — would cost US$958, he wrote. Something that good must be illegal, right? Apparently not.”

“According to — a self-described legal music services portal — Allofmp3 has signed an agreement with an intellectual-property watchdog group, the Russian Organization for Multimedia & Digital Systems (ROMS), which gives the Web site the right to sell music downloads,” Mello Jr. reports.

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  1. This is going to be interesting. I can’t see how even if this site is legal it is allowed to sell outside of Russia. I also doubt that they are paying the licensing fees to Microsoft and Dolby for using the file formats.

    Thinking about it, I agree with molety5. This site is too fishy.

    Reading the article though, has anyone noticed Wal-Mart? That’s going to finish Napster even if Apple don’t.

  2. (sniff, sniff)
    smells like rotten fish here. Sounds like the Solvites still have not caught on to capitalism… they could charge way more then that and still be way cheaper then everyone else. Thought, I guess getting .01 – .02 per MB for them is like a .10 – .20 in the U.S. right? I might be way wrong…. but their money is not the strongest in the business.

  3. It’s a well designed site, complete with 30 second previews, and has all the early Beatles and Stones music, something about Russia not signing international copyright treaties until 1972. There are a few free downloads, but they’re really, really slow. (CSN’s Deja Vu album is free).

  4. It’s legit, in Russia. They are not ripping people off. The problem lies in violating a law in your respective country.

    It’s illegal to gamble in most areas of the US, but go past the 12 mile limit in either ocean and your in international waters.

    The Russian site is definatly wrong, you know at that price the artists don’t get a dime.

    Like Asia, it’s about impossible to enforce. The governments don’t care, life is cheaper than a few illegally burned cd’s in most of those countries.

  5. Slashdot are reporting that the new DRM in iTunes has been cracked. That took the crackers about 12 hours longer than I was expecting. Get ready to download iTunes 4.5.1 any time soon.

  6. It may not be around long, but I’m cashing in while I can. I can tell you it does work. Takes a while to figure everything out, but it works and its as cheap as advertised.

  7. No longer do we fear merciless Soviet communism. Now we dread extreme Russian libertarian capitalism. Ain’t this somethin’? Thinking about this make my head hurt.

  8. I tried it too. 10 bucks with Paypal.

    Downloaded Pink Floyd the wall, Dark Side of the Moon, The Beatles White Album, and some other Pop Music.

    Well I owned 4 of the CD’s at one point in my life…most of them lost or broken in a series of moves…so I don’t feel too guilty.

    One note…these guys have done a pretty decent job of the website interface. The d/l links are kind of annoying….but the quality is great, and I experienced very fast downloads.


  9. dyanmicv:

    I don’t think the DRM was cracked. They found workarounds for the authorization limit is what it sounds like. You still need to have 1) the file and 2) the corresponding authorization. There is no application that generates keys or decrypts the files. Thus, the DRM itself has not been cracked.

  10. The site also has Madonna. She doesn’t want her music available for download…PERIOD!!!! As it’s been said before, something is fishy!

    Get it while you can ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

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