Free Apple iTunes songs for 8 days in a row, then a free song every Tuesday

Apple is marking the first anniversary of its iTunes Music Store by thanking its customers with a free song of the day for the next eight days from artists who have helped make iTunes a runaway success, including Foo Fighters, Avril Lavigne, Courtney Love, Annie Lennox, Jane


  1. Awesome. The crack business model. Give a little away to get ’em hooked, and they will keep coming back.

    I’m forwarding this story right now.

    First post?

    P.S. Hi, my name is J, and I am addicted to iTunes.

  2. Hi J! Welcome to the iTunes Addicts club.

    I too love the free song idea – very good marketing. It will likely expose me to songs & artists that I might not otherwise choose.

    My only question is how Courtney Love helped make iTMS a runaway success?

  3. Even though I don’t like her music, I just tried to download the free Avril Lavigne song available today. I can’t do it – the system needs a U.S. address from me. THAT SUCKS BIGTIME.

  4. Actually you can still get Foo Fighters song, just click on the Free download link with Avril’s picture, then in the top more rated section there will be “Top Rated iMixes.” If you click on “iTunes Free Songs” that it will give you access to the Foo Fighter song.

  5. To go a bit off topic, Party Shuffle is the best thing that has happened to my computer in years. Random or not so random shuffles through about 1000 CD’s. What a trip. I just heard Duane Eddy, Tag Team, Schwingungen, Sinatra and The Eagles back to back to back.

  6. for non-us downloaders you can still get the tracks

    on account page (once you sign in with ur .mac address) select ‘none’ as the payment method.

    you still need an address – they only check that the zip code matches against the city name – so just google for any american company address, whack in their zip and city name (you can put what ever for address line 1/2)

    this changes your .mac 1-click address details so make sure u change it back if u go to the apple store to order anything….

  7. ArchAngel is correct. In fact iTMS is making it even easier. They have created an iMix account of it . . . called “iTunes Free Songs”.

    Go get ’em . . . and don’t forget to say thanks!


  8. What bugs me is the lost chance of 95 MILLION SONGS! I could have every song in the music store for everyone I know for FREE! And people just through it away! During the last month, I saw yellow caps everywhere, I won 16 times, but no one else in this area (Southern Tier, NY) seemed to care! and now in the last week they have dissappeared, I should go to the rescycling center, there is probably about 100,000.

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