Dvorak blames obsessive compulsive disorder, not Microsoft for virus problems

“An estimated 3.3 million Americans alone have obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, and more attention is being paid to the problem than ever before. At least two hit TV shows have main characters who exhibit the problem (Monk and Law & Order: Criminal Intent). The latest iterations of e-mail


  1. Hey MDN, lol, this is also one of the things I show my switchers: opening email attachments with Windows viruses and watching them sweat. It is required in that most do not believe the virus could not ruin the Mac has it happens on the PC.

    One commented: “I though it was just BS from Mac zealots”

  2. I am so sick of Microsoft apologists and so happy to have a site like MDN to bitch slap them with reality! Dvorak has been quiet lately, but he makes Thurrott / Enderle look like Jobs / Wozniak when opens his fat mouth about Microsoft and Apple. Have another doughnut, John.

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  4. So let me get this straight.

    According to Dvorak, if I put a box with $10,000 in it out in the middle of the street with a sign on it that says, “take me,” the problem is not that I was stupid enough to put the money in a cheap box in an obvious place, but with the people who saw the sign and simply followed it.


  5. There are no viruses on Macintoshes because nobody cares about the platform other than Macfags. With the same work somebody can reach 95% instead of 2%. Logical.

  6. “we just clicked 10 email attachments … and absolutely nothing at all happened”

    You retard, what did you expect? Macintoshes use different binary format for executables. That’s the big security feature? Macmoron.

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