Apple launches ‘iTunes on Campus’ institutional site license program

“Give your students easy access to iTunes, the best digital jukebox with the #1 music download store inside for Windows and Mac users,” reads.

“Provide your students with the best legal solution to manage, acquire, and listen to music by participating in the iTunes on Campus program. This program provides an institutional site license for iTunes and materials you can use for student communications. The program is easy-to-administer and is free.”

The iTunes on Campus program includes an iTunes institutional site license that allows your university or college to provide your students with the iTunes application, the world’s best digital jukebox, at no cost. With an institutional site license for iTunes, you have the right to distribute iTunes (both the Mac and PC versions) freely to your students and campus community. Completely cross platform, iTunes is the only music solution that all of your students can use.

This license agreement will allow you to distribute iTunes as a download from within your campus network or through individual CDs that you create. As a part of this program, Apple will also provide to you the creative artwork (for newspaper ads and flyers) about iTunes that you can use to tell students about iTunes.

Authorized representatives from higher education institutions are invited to register online. Once registered, you will receive everything you need to distribute the iTunes software application and supporting material to tell your students about iTunes. Download the iTunes application immediately, and sign and return to Apple an iTunes site license agreement within 10 days.

More info here.


  1. Jimbo: Those are all valid points, and all good reasons for Apple to want universities to promote iTunes. What I don’t understand is why a university would go for it.

    Actually, I just thought of something. The public PCs at universities are locked down fairly tight (at least the two near me are). Perhaps it is impossible for a student to install iTunes on a university computer. I suppose this is a way to encourage universities to include iTunes on their standard image, with some measure of control given to a central administrator.

    A really good idea (I hope this is part of the package) is for all student’s who have purchased rights to, say, “Satisfaction” by the Stones, to use the same file stored on the university server. That would keep disk usage to a minimum. Do you think that’s part of the deal–an iTunes client-server architecture?

  2. After re-reading the Apple itunesoncampus page, I’m convinced that it’s a pathetic joke. Apple is offering nothing except an opportunity to sign a sight-license agreement.

  3. The site license gives universities the rights to re-distribute iTunes on their own CDs. Previously, students must go to Apple’s web site to sign up and download iTunes. It does not amount much for the universities other than making the whole thing convenient. I know some universities keep software installers on their FTP servers and distribute installers on CDs so that students don’t have to hunt down softwares they may need/want.

    It won’t do things like keeping disk usage to a minimum. That requires changes in the infrastructure.

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