RUMOR: Apple prepping 4G iPod with color screen, 50GB drive

“Apple Computer is preparing to unveil the 4th-generation of its flagship iPod music player, reliable sources told AppleInsider last week. Excluding the introduction of the iPod-mini in January, over half a year has passed since the company last update the iPod product-line on September 8th,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “While sources could not pin-point a specific day or month of introduction, they said the soon to be released player would boast a 50GB hard disk capable of holding 12,500 songs and carry an approximate cost of $499.”

“Unlike the recent capacity-centric revisions to the iPod line, the 4th-generation iPod will host a number of architectural advancements and new features. Most apparent, sources say, is the presence of a 2-inch color screen for displaying photos stored on the pod, from the palm of your hand,” Jade reports. “The player will reportedly also adopt a video output jack that will allow users to connect their iPods to television sets…”

Full article here.

Meanwhile, for what it’s worth, MacOSRumors is reporting, “A 60GB model may show up later in the year, or more likely, early next year (January or February). However, the overwhelming emphasis for the next two years appears to be on the iPod enclosure and features, rather than the storage that it contains.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Grain(s) of salt and all that. These are rumors only at this point.


  1. Now, I know the harddrive on the iPod can be used for backup of various other kinds of data, it is primarily a music player. Who has 60GB of legally purchased music?

  2. It doesn’t take a “Rumor” or other speculation to understand that Apple will eventually come out with new iPods. The scenario as stated with a color screen, mini -like scroll wheel and larger drive make absolute sense. Sometimes I wonder why tech reporters start to get down on Apple after a great success because they believe “that the competition will catch up.” Do they think Apple will stand still and not put out newer and better iPods? Geez. ThinkSecret had a story about a 4th Gen color iPod earlier this year. Nothing new here.

  3. To Shabaz,

    It might not only be to store music any more. The possibility of porting movies is something to keep a watch on. And not only being able to view them on the iPod, but to be able to hook it up to a TV, and select a movie to watch that was would be sweet… in about 10 years, I bet blockbuster might be hurting…

  4. shabaz:

    “Who has 60GB of legally purchased music?”

    Not even that….it’s all those that have transferred all those legally purchased CD’s to AAC. Considering that CD’s have been around for a while its easy to accumulate 60 gigs of songs when you go back and transfer EVERYTHING to AAC.

  5. If I converted my collection to AAC or MP3, I’d have about 250GB of data.
    God, where do you brain surgeons come from?
    I’ve only LEGALLY downloaded about 700MB of music from ITMS, the rest is from CD.


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