Greedy Big Five music labels looking to jack up iTunes songs to $2.49 each?

“iTunes has been hailed as the first successful online music store, with over 50 million songs downloaded. Its success has been due largely to Apple’s powerful name, the iPod, flexible use of the tracks, and the 99 cent-price per song or $9.99 for an album. More than that, it has been celebrated as a sign of things to come for an industry still in its infancy,” Matt Buchanan writes for The Washington Square News.

“Despite iTunes’ success and the growing success of other services, the record industry still isn’t happy; it thinks that 99 cents a song is too cheap, and the five major labels (Universal Music Group, EMI, BMG, Sony and Warner Music) are discussing a price hike ranging from $1.25 to an eye-gouging $2.49 per song,” Buchanan writes. “At that price, downloading music will become far more expensive than buying CDs, which would practically destroy the online music market.”

Buchanan writes, “This is counter to everything the record companies should be doing. If anything, they should be cutting prices to make it more attractive to download music legally. Instead, this move will push online music junkies back into the world of file sharing. After all, who wants to pay more for less?”

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  1. The music industry is terrified because they see an end to their exploitation of artists on the horizon. What you have here is a bunch of people who had neither the drive nor the talent to make it in music themselves parasitically attaching themselves to artists.

    I think most of us can live with 99 cents a song, but I myself will not pay any more just so these loser executives can play rock star and do their coke off of $1000/hr call girl’s boobs.

  2. 99 cents a song is a fair deal IMHO. If the price had started at $1.25, a lot of us would have been willing to buy from iTMS simply to support Apple, but the business wouldn’t have taken off as it did. To try to jack the price after a year is a joke. Anything over $1.25 will kill iTMS, perhaps even Steve would kill iTMS over that price hike and allow the iPod to play other stores’ formats. Just a possibility, not a proposal or a prophesy.

  3. Well if they do that the party is over, we tried to play fair and compensate the artists by buying their songs at the agreed price of 99� a song.

    But if the RIAA/labels are getting full of themselves, there’s always that Russian site that you can download for a mere 1� a MB is ANY format or bit-rate you choose and we can Paypal the artists the difference.

    The RIAA has been having fun clogging the P2P networks with viruses and 10 second samples of the whole songs, raiding college campuses based upon what the Napster software has been telling them, suing kids and old ladies, but they are fighting a losing battle. Former jackbooted ATF is now the head of the RIAA, but they are turning off more and more people.

    Artists need to publish/sell their own music on the internet. Like the Grateful Dead already does.

    I’m all for compensating artists, but a deal is a deal.

    F*cking over Apple is going to piss off millions of Mac owners and a lot of PC users who come to like iTunes.

    Goes to show where the labels brains are, in their ass.

  4. I will definitely start downloading music illegally if the price raises ANYTHING above 99 cents. I have the FAIRPLAY source code and will happily make sure it gets distributed to everyone I know.

    On a related note, I am disappointed in Steve Jobs. Refusing to open up the iTunes DRM to other stores. If this were Microsoft doing this, we would ALL be screaming. Steve Jobs, in addition to making NOISY computers that run HOT, doesn’t care. This guy is too stuck on himself to see it.

    And I own two Macs. I really like the Macs. But I’m very disappointed.

    I fear that Apple will now begin to crumble. I was thinking about getting a Mac notebook (the new ones look pretty nice), but now I will think twice.

    Steve Jobs — WAKE UP MAN. Or you will take Apple with you to your grave.

  5. Apparently letting other people sell air for the RIAA and collecting checks just isn’t good enough for them. I say fuck the “musicians” who work for (are enslaved by) any of the big 5 as well as the big 5. Led Zeppelin Rules! Fuck the whole shitty music BIZ. Frankly, they can raise their prices and sue fans, since it doesn’t matter to me. All the shit that comes out now is so much crap anyway. I already bought anything worth buying.

  6. Never will I buy a CD at a store nor an itunes for more than 99 cents, what for? So they can have some of these artists display their luxury items on us? Back to Limewire it is!

  7. There’s more to life than listening to Titney Spears breath heavy. I say fsck ’em. If they try this garbage, I’ll boycott them for good. I won’t buy their copy protected CD’s or Janus subscriptions. Life goes on.

    Good riddance big 5…you’re going to lose big time!

  8. Everyone should understand that it is the Record Co Ex’s and their ilk who make all of the money for recorded music. What the musicians take home is pennies in comparison.

    If all of the artists who record were to leave the big 5 and produce their own music & made it available thru services like the ITMS, the cost to the public could be LOWER than 99� AND the musicians would probably make more money since the overhead (obscene Recording industry profits) would be gone.

    Besides, live music is best!

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