CNN on Time 100: ‘The Steve Jobs way: a relentless pursuit of perfection’

“Steve Jobs helped create a Silicon Valley icon and, along the way, garnered a reputation as a charismatic yet mercurial visionary. Jobs co-founded Apple Computer with Steve Wozniak in 1976, and a year later launched the Apple II — the first desktop computer to have a built-in keyboard, built-in sound and could produce color graphics when hooked to a color television,” CNN reports.

“He was also the force behind the Macintosh, another of Apple’s groundbreaking personal computers, only to be ousted from the company in an in-house power struggle in 1985,” CNN reports. “But Jobs returned to Apple in late 1996, and began the process that restored the company to profitability.”

Full profile here.


  1. >Didn’t QuickTime come out for Windows before iTunes (the story says iTunes was the 1st s/w for Windows done by Apple)?

    Heck ya, by a long shot. Not only that, but an Appleworks for Windows version has been available for a long while (not sure if it still is).

  2. Just checked, Appleworks for Windows is still available, and has been for years. Filemaker is also available for Windows, and has also been for a long time (essentially a spinoff from Apple).

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