Apple Specialist group to giveaway Power Mac G5 ‘Ultimate Graphics System’

The Apple Specialist Marketing Co-op (ASMC) has announced their “Ultimate Graphics System” Giveaway. More than 85 Apple Specialist dealers from around the country are participating in this nationwide sweepstakes. One lucky winner will win the $15,000 Grand Prize Package.

“The Power Mac G5 is the ‘Ultimate Graphics System’ and the Apple Specialist channel is the ultimate partner for Creative Professionals,” said Event Coordinator Kevin Langdon of Crywolf Computers, an Apple Specialist in San Diego in the press release. “The focus of this event is to showcase ways that Apple Specialists partner with Creative Pros in their communities to get the job done using the latest Apple and 3rd-party technologies.”

In addition to the Grand Prize, many Apple Specialists are offering free seminars through April 30th on the Adobe Creative Suite, the Wacom Cintiq, the HP DesignJet 120nr and a wide variety of topics of interest to Creative Professionals.

Other topics include: “A Digital Photographer’s Guide to Managing Color,” “Graphic Novel/Comic Book Creation,” “Digital Asset Management with Extensis Portfolio,” “The Creative Professional’s Guide to Printers” and many, many more.

Check with your local Apple Specialist to find seminars in your area. You can find your local Apple Specialist at [url=][/url].

Seminar attendees will be eligible for some of the best deals of the year on Apple and 3rd-party products at participating Apple Specialists.

No purchase is necessary to enter, just visit your local participating Apple Specialist. Full sweepstakes rules are posted at [url=][/url].

The Grand Prize package includes:
– Power Mac G5 2Ghz Dual Processor
– Apple 23″ Cinema Display HD
– Adobe Creative Suite Premium
– HP DesignJet 120nr printer
– Wacom Cintiq 18SX and Cintiq Partner
– Total Training’s Adobe CS Premium Bundle
– Extensis Portfolio Asset Management Software
– AppleCare Protection Plan
– 1-year subscription to .Mac

Apple Specialists are independently owned and operated Apple dealers who focus on providing a high level of expertise and customer service and a wide range of 3rd-party technology solutions.

The Apple Specialist Marketing Co-op (ASMC) is an organization of Apple Specialists formed to create brand awareness of the Apple Specialist channel through national advertising, marketing & Specialist-only promotions.

The ASMC was created to spread the word about all the value Apple Specialists add individually and as a group.


  1. Got one already.

    Dual 2 Ghz G5, 2.5 GB RAM, 74 GB 10,000 RPM boot/app drive, 23″ Apple Cinema Display, Eye/TV ATI Remote, Apple wireless keyboard and mouse, Adobe design software, scanner, printers etc.

    But I got UT2004… hehehe

  2. Will you please stop putting 1st post ? Half the time it’s fscking wrong anyway. IT DOESN’T MATTER if you’re first, even more so when you’ve nothing to say.

  3. I agree with Annoyed although I’m not as annoyed as Annoyed. Foul lettering and raised letters not really required.

    It is a sad existence though if claiming 1st post is to be regarded as an achievment. Is someone keeping score? Is this the highlight of a 1st post claimant’s day? Please note that my comments are primarily directed towards individuals over the age of 15. Those under 15 are excused.

    Maybe all you 1st post contestants could shoot for a new objective…last post.

  4. hey 451, that’s a good idea!!!

    Here goes:

    LAST POST!!!

    p.s. please don’t post anything else to this thread or else I will be forced to continue posting this message…

  5. What a sweet package!! Of course, if they threw in a high end scanner, that would be the complete and utter bomb!! Good luck to whomever wins this deal! You are going to have a lot of fun!

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