Ben & Jerry’s to give away 50,000 tunes from Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“As part of its annual ‘Free Cone Day,’ Ben & Jerry’s is giving away up to 50,000 free songs from Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store. In conjuction with Rock the Vote, the ice cream maker plans to give those who take an online “oath to vote” on Ben & Jerry’s Web site one free iTunes song. The iTunes promotion starts April 26 and runs until the 50,000 songs are given out. Those who complete the online oath could also win an iPod. For those more interested in the cone than the tunes, the free-scoop offer runs from noon until 8 p.m. on April 27,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

Full article here.


  1. uh, yeah, I will have the vanilla fudge triple-decker with a side of Shakira please, dipped in chocolate, and, uhm, can I get Britney Spears to go, sprinkled with some “clue” dust? Marvelous, thanks

  2. Using ice-cream and music to promote democracy, what a wonderful world we live in – God forbid anyone should go and vote because it’s your responsibility to maintain your freedom by participating in the process.

    Now if only Apple could get involved with Jamba Juice or an equivalent.

  3. Boycott the slime balls Ben and jerry’s

    They support the release of Wesley Cook. Cook stood in the middle of a city street in Philadelphia , in front of several witnesses, and shot Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in the back killing him.

    Cook was caught at the scene with weapon still in his possession. Ben and Jerry’s want him released because he wrote a book.


  4. cpr88 – This is not true. Ben Cohen does not want Wesley Cook released. He signed a petition that asks to give Mr. Cook a new trial because his original trial was not fair.

    In his own words, Mr. Cohen says that he is not saying that Mr. Cook is not guilty, but that even those that everyone knows for sure is guilty deserve a fair trial. If Mr. Cook did indeed kill the officer in front of witnesses, a fair trial would probably not free him, right?

    Even those people in our nation’s history that were blatantly guilty have all had the right to a fair trial. That is one of the founding principles of our nation.

    Please don’t believe that Ben Cohen wants him released. He just wants to make sure that we provide what our Constitution guarantees.

  5. The “free Mumia” movement, including Cohen, certainly do advocate releasing the cop killer pending his new trial.

    Eventually he would also be given the keys to Philly.

    Ben can’t help it, he was brought up that way.

  6. As much as I tried to keep the politics out of this one, Joe attempted to get his snide little political comment in. Although some in the movement may want to free him, Cohen’s position is that he should get a fair & impartial trial. Here is his official statement explaining how he feels. Read it carefully Joe and please show me where he mentions freeing him.

    � “Scores of American legal scholars, including former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark, have reviewed the trial of Mumia Abu-Jamal and concluded that he did not receive a fair trial. In the interests of justice, these scholars have called for a new and impartial trial. I am in no position to judge his guilt or innocence. For all I know, a new and impartial trial could find him guilty again. But the American system of justice must be fair and must be perceived as fair. So I have supported the former U.S. Attorney General in calling for a new trial to properly establish Jamal’s guilt or innocence. I take this position as a concerned citizen, not as an officer of any company or organization.”

    Cohen signed the petition which asks for a new trial. Cohen put this statement on his web site. He has not said that he feels the man should be freed.

    Oh wait, did I mention that he has not asked that this man be freed? I just wanted to point that out.

  7. Mac Beth- I’m probably not lickable (like eaxit), but I’d buy you some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream anytime girl, and even clean off that ipod of yours. But right now I need to go take some heart medicine…..

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