A Better Finder Rename 6.3 released for Mac OS and Mac OS X

“A Better Finder Rename” is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder which allows users to quickly rename multiple files. “A Better Finder Rename” is ideally suited for Macintosh webmasters, users who need to transfer files from or to Windows or Unix, as well as for all other Macintosh users who deal with large numbers of files. “A Better Finder Rename” costs US$19.95 for a single user license or US$49.95 for a site license.

Feature list:

* interactive/ automatic modes
* process subfolders
* process files and folders separately
* numbered and alphabetcial list creation (e.g. image1, image2, etc.)
* replace anywhere in the file name
* replace at the beginning of the file name
* replace at the end of the file name
* add at the beginning of the file name
* add at the end of the file name
* convert to uppercase
* convert to lowercase
* convert to Proper Case
* reformat number (e.g. File1 -> File001)
* manipulate numbers in filenames (add, substract, etc.)
* remove characters at the beginning of the file name
* remove characters at the end of the file name
* remove file extensions
* manual batch rename
* examples for each mode
* fully integrated with the Macintosh Finder
* supports drag & drop renaming
* supports droplet creation & editing for automating frequent tasks
* customizable hot key start up

For more information, as well as a demonstration of ABFR, visit:


  1. Ray, ABFR is NOT a bogus program. It is a HUGE timesaver, especially when needing to rename a large number of files or to fit some sort of protocol, say, for storage or archival or web purposes. If you haven’t tried it, shame on you for knocking it. If you really DO think it’s bogus, tell us why? What makes all the features listed above, that don’t otherwise appear in OS X, “bogus”?

    I, for one, use this VERY GOOD program – I use it to batch rename my various icon collections, quickly and efficiently – and that means I DON’T have to click on every single file or folder and then copy and paste the new name – over and over and over, ad nauseum. Where else in OS X can I do that as fast? Hmmmm? Please tell me what I’m missing out on. Did I waste my $20? I don’t think so.

  2. The reason that it is “bogus” is that it should be (or features like it…) included in the basic OS… I don’t know if that calls for a licensing deal… And not just A Better Finder Rename!! There are several programs/utilities in that category!!

  3. Bogus,

    Why did you bother to post such an ignorant statament? Apple didn’t include the capability in the OS, therefore a third-party program that does is “bogus”? What I hear you saying is that if Apple didn’t include it, then you don’t need it. Amazing logic. If ABFR and other utilities fill needs that Apple hasn’t addressed, and people are willing to pay for them, more power to them.

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