Real’s CEO Glaser: Apple’s iPod/iTunes combo ‘threatens to turn off consumers’

“RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser on Tuesday brushed off a recent rebuff from Apple Computer and called on Hollywood to keep new digital technologies open for all to use. Incompatible piracy prevention tools in new digital entertainment services such as Apple’s iTunes Music Store and its iPod portable music player threaten to turn off consumers, he said,” Stefanie Olsen reports for CNET News.

[MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s iTunes Music Store has “turned off consumers” to the iTune of an annual run rate of 130 million songs per year. (source)]

“‘It’s kind of a Soviet model,’ said Glaser, referring to Apple’s closed environment in a remark that drew laugher from the audience at the annual National Association of Broadcasters conference here. ‘Taking secure music off the PC is a morass of incompatibility. This is not going to fly in the mainstream market,'” Olsen reports.

[MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s iTunes Music Store has “not flown in the mainstream market” to the iTune of 2.5 million songs sold per week as of March 15, 2004. (source)]

“RealNetworks has sought to position itself as a technology neutral Switzerland amid an array of competing and incompatible formats from Apple, Microsoft and others. RealNetworks’ Helix multimedia software supports all major formats, but it hasn’t won much support for its own technology among device makers,” Olsen reports.

[MacDailyNews Note: Helix, Schmelix. How do you spell failure? H-E-L-I-X.]

Olsen reports, “The company had approached Apple CEO Steve Jobs with a proposal to create a technical alliance that would allow customers of RealNetworks’ music service to play songs on the iPod, to no avail. That could now force RealNetworks into a deeper relationship with archenemy Microsoft, which has won support for its technology on dozens of players and plans a major upgrade later this summer.”

[MacDailyNews Note: “Dozens of players” that all totaled together do not equal Apple iPod market share when measured by revenue. (source)]

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  1. What do you expect, he came out of Microsoft and used to be a good friend of Gates and Ballmer. Wonder if ballmer taught him how to dance ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I just went to because I’ve been hearing how they’ve been attempting to make the site more accessible and less “As seen on TV” like.

    Well, holy crap, it is a bit better. I actually found two text links to the free player on the main page, albeit in very tiny print in random locations. Last time I remember putting Real player on a computer (<shudder>) I had to go like 3 pages in to find the link.

    Seriously though, anyone who makes a webpage that inaccessible shouldn’t be pointing fingers at other companies for their financial woes.

  3. ole’ slappy is back! Glazer is a god, he knows a little secret about something ole slappy holds near and dear to his iWalMArt connection. It’s called the DJ, the Dell DJ, and it’s going to tear Steven Pee Jobs a new one. Mark these words Dell DJ will have a case made by JCPenny soon. Ha ha why don’t you all go iPotty, mac freaks.

  4. Just so I understand this idiot, the iTunes/iPod threatens to turn off customers? Yet, he wanted really bad to be a part of it? He wanted to join that which he felt turned off customers? Can you say sore looser?

    (That would be you Chris Gorog).

  5. hes obviously desperate poor man. he reminds me of all the bums asking me for a hand out in downtown seattle. someone throw him a friggen bone. or not i know i wouldn’t.

  6. The week before…
    Bobby Glaser: Apple sucks!

    Last week…
    Bobby Glaser: We demand that Apple partner with us against M$, or we’ll partner with M$!

    This week…
    Bobby Glaser: iTunes & iPod threaten to turn off customers!

    Ummm… Bobby, take your meds, dude. Then read: Dale Carnegie ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. really, does anyone care what glaser has to say any more? (besides himself and his lackies).. It’s a great day and age, a CEO of a company having a childish “temper tantrum” because he had an obviously bad idea and tried to push it upon someone who has very specific ideas and goals for his company… it’s like an airheaded cheerleader trying to ask a picky genius out on a date.. well… you get the analogy..

  8. Serious question for the knowing out there:

    Why isn’t Quicktime used by more companies for streaming?

    What are the problems with Real Player? I keep seeing people write that it’s crap, but what makes it so bad?

    Been listening to AirAmericaRadio from Japan and their stream keeps going down. Very frustrating. They use Real Player. Does that play into why the stream keeps going down, or is it more connected to their servers?

    Informative answer would be appreciated. I’m not a technophile, but am interested in the issues.


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