Apple debuts Airport Management Tools for ‘enterprise-class wireless networks’

Apple today released Airport Management Tools 1.0 which consists of AirPort Mangement Utility and AirPort Client Monitor which provide powerful tools for planning, setting up, fine-tuning, and managing larger, enterprise-class wireless networks.

System Requirements:
– Mac OS X 10.3
– AirPort 3.4

More info and download link (1 MB) here.


  1. The management utility is ok, finally a way to see who is using the basestation, but…. only if they have an airport card. You can’t see uninvited guests if they’re using anything but a card from Apple.
    An oversight, hopefully fixed in 1.1.


  2. and btw, works like a charm: changing configuration now takes a couple seconds for every Airbase (got two in WDS to cover all house) instead of ~ 1 minute with the *traditional tool*:
    Airbase up and running again almost in real time.

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