Apple ships Final Cut Pro HD featuring real-time, native DVCPRO HD editing and effects

Apple today unveiled Final Cut Pro HD, the latest version of Apple


  1. WOW – HD DVC PRO MPEG-2, LIVETYPE 1.2, 3G, RT, COMP, CT AND ST, HY65 KLKASOIUU8978 ASDU8T758907U89 88765 KJKLASD 7978! Incredible Apple. Its the best LKJKASUU097689 KJKLAS DSG 6787 YOU HAVE EVER MADE!

  2. Has anybody looked at the [url=][/url] website? Amazingly, the released, same weekend Apple released software, a new Kona capture card to take advantage of the new capabilities in FCP, Shake, etc. I like how Apple will work with other vendors in developing products before they actually release the software. They haven’t always been able to do this, but now that they are a major player (at least in digital media, hopefully in servers soon), they can be that professional. Working with Panasonic and Aja can only benefit us end users. Bravo Apple, bravo.

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