Apple introduces Motion; US$299 motion graphics application

Apple today introduced Motion, a revolutionary new application that redefines motion graphics by giving artists the creative freedom and power to deliver stunning professional quality results faster and more intuitively than ever before at a breakthrough price of $299. Motion features interactive animation of text, graphics and video, with instant previewing of multiple filters and particle effects, and introduces


  1. I doubt it. How much more can they take off the price? Besides, does the average user need a motion graphics app like this?

    Oh…and say good bye to After Effects within a year, you heard it here first! The one bad thing that this will bring about is that the chicken littles of the industry will spring up to proclaim the demise of Apple…for the 3,143,578th time.

  2. we don’t really know what the features are yet. If it is an After Effects Killer, then I’d expect Adobe to drop After Effects too. But only if Motion steals a lot of sales.

    What killed off Premiere was Express first and then FCP just shipping with so much stuff (Soundtrack, LiveType).

    Motion is just over a third of the cost of AE, which is very aggressive if they are similarly specced products.

    The headlines will say Adobe abandoning Macintosh, but the truth will be “Adobe can’t compete with Apple, quits motion graphics market”

  3. Sure, they’ll be partially ported to an iApp eventually. It will provide certain elements such as animation effects and lots of transitional and fade effects for home movies. Perfect for iMovie or iDVD either incorporated into them or on its own as iMotion. Think profits and expanding the Mac experience to non users. That’s what Apple does.

  4. Apple has always introduced the Pro version of video software first then either a slimmed down Express or Consumer App version. Motion is the Pro version. There will be no Express this time. Next will be iMotion.

  5. haha.. okay serious.. how many ‘adobe gives up on apples market’ can you print before you realize.. OH MAN.. most of those graphics guys are using macs! Adobe is really going to have to start competing instead of conceding!

    PS. No iApp for this thing.. elements of this are already in a few different iApps.. stop being so damn rigid..pkradd

  6. Ars Technica is talking about this application along with the other recent pro apps. Motion has pretty hefty hardware requirements, on the high end it “recommends” A Dual G5 2.0 with 4 GB RAM (Or more!), and a pretty hefty GPU (DX9 ATI Radion 9800 or better).

    Check out:

    This hardware requirement is more of the stumbling block for wide adoption of Motion. This Application is cheap primarily because it will push more hardware sales. Sure you can run it on a G4 867 MHz, but I doubt you’d be happy with the experience. Sort of like running Panther on a Rev A iMac. Not something a serious pro would likely enjoy (not if you’re making money off the work you do with Motion).

  7. 512MB of ram should be the standard by now, if you are a pro user. We run 512MB on our P4’s at work, and we keeping hitting ceilings when it comes to speed.

    I don’t think anybody said this, but if you want to be “pro”, you also have to be current. Saying “I can’t run Motion (brand new, powerful, cutting edge) on my 500mhz G4 (yesterdays yesterday, slow bus, cool when HD wasn’t a reality)” just doesnt’ make any sense.

    Frankly, I like how Apple is competing with all of these “legacy” apps. FCP came out and not only beat the pants off of a lacking Premiere, but it also got PC editors all over the country to switch to Macs. Now, I don’t attempt to know how well Motion is going to do, but in following with the previous precidents that Apple has set for software, it will beat the pants off Adobe AF. Compete or retreat. I hope they compete.

    One last thing, I really hope the rumors are true that Apple is in the market to purchase a 3D program, and especially hope its true that Alias wants to unload Maya. Apple does software integration right. For instance, FCP seems to be the only option left when it comes to video editing on the Mac. So? Who cares, they stubbornly upgrade and keep everything on the cutting edge, because it’s not FCP versus Adobe, but Mac against All.


    PS: Apple, go out and buy Alias just like you did Shake. After that, buy the Corel Graphics suite, re-port it to the Mac, tweak it to give the CS suite a run for its money, and all will be happy. Keep in mind, I suck at economics, and don’t really know the value of a dollar.

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