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  1. BriAnimations:

    Just a little off, but only a little.

    Pixar was effectively a vendor of high-end single-use 3D modelling/rendering computers based around RenderMan, and created the initial shorts like Luxo Jr., Red’s Dream, and Tin Toy as showreel demonstrators for the capability of the software/hardware that it sold at quite extraordinary prices.

    That said, I would imagine though that Pixar was effectively the in-house CGI systems integrator for ILM.

  2. Jobs knows how to manage and get the best out of creatives, a different breed of animal than your mediocre pigeon hole-able corporate drone that’s made to suffer under M$ iron fist from it’s bastion of eternal evil at Redmond.

    That was a thinly veiled rant.

  3. Woz is definitely a stud, but this tracking product that his company, Wheels Of Zeus, is developing has some rather frightening applications were the folks in Homeland Security to decide they could use it for more nefarious purposes. Imagine all driver’s licenses and state issued ID cards having one of those chips embedded in it. Or, to take it to the extreme, all newborns having a chip implanted at birth so they can be effectively tracked for the rest of their lives by the government to make sure they didn’t do anything “bad”. The problem here is that people’s ideas of what constitutes being “bad” vary wildly, and I can’t say I’m in agreement with the fundamentalist ideals that are being pushed on America via legislation by our current President and his Attorney General. This is a scary time in America if you peel back a few layers of the onion, beyond what the media is allowed or encouraged to spotlight. Products like the one WOZ has developed have immense potential for good use, but I fear that they’ll enable a lot more control for those who are in power more than anything else. When technology makes a society like the one portrayed in “Logan’s Run” very possible in this very day and age, and you have people in power who mix their own ideals, values and religious views with politics it is not a good thing.

    Bizarro Jeff

  4. Hmmm, “tracking of anything from the family dog to products being trucked through harsh regions of the third world.” Sounds a bit ominous that animate objects such dogs or you or me can be tracked minute by minute. I am rather perturbed that anyone could have the capacity or would to have the capacity to scrutinize or surveil my or your movements like this.

    The US governement now issues all personnel ID cards with imbedded microchips. Already chips have been approved by FDA that are as small as a grain of rice and are intended to be inserted into the skin.

    Remember the 1984 commercial, people. My, my, the irony of it all.

  5. hard to believe george lucas was ever in dire need of $$$ but hey.. even business geniuses can be dumbasses with women (ahem PRE NUP)… come on dude.. you didn’t think that elvis coif was what she was after do ya?

  6. The Woz is way cool. Any of you see Pirates of Silicon Valley? I thought he came out being portrayed in the best light of anybody in that.

    The tech sounds way cool but I agree it can be a bit frightening. I have heard that this is already being done with cell phones commercially. There was a story a while ago about some guy in New York tracking his daughter. I don’t think many people have a real idea about how much people can tell about them already from all the high tech out there (anybody see that movie “Enemy of the State” starring Gene Hackman?)

    Steve took Pixar and used his vision on it again. Steve’s vision and drive are amazing and world-changing. Just look at what he has done with Apple since coming back. I am so glad Steve and Woz hooked up when they did.

  7. Nice to see so many conspiracy theorists use Macs…


    This stuff has some promising uses. Implant a microchip in my daughter so I would know where she was if � God forbid � she was abducted? Hell Yes.

  8. Hey, I have an idea. Let’s not ever do anything at all to improve the quality life lest we find a single abstract negative about it. …the human race is doomed…

  9. Don’t fear everything new. Any technology can be put to evil use. The same fire that cooks your food can burn your house down, the same radiation that kills cancer in Radiation Therapy can cause cancer in higher doses.
    Woz seems like a pretty cool guy in addition to being a pioneer and legend of the first order. In case you don’t know he has a pretty cool website


    Take a few minutes and look around.

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