The Scotsman: First Mac, now with iPod ‘Apple is once again poised to change the world’

“It wasn’t an easy decision at Apple


  1. The line I don’t agree with is that it’s significantly more expensive than its competitors. Do they mean the flash based players that offer a fraction of the capacity? Or do they mean things like the Dell that is being sold at fireslae prices because they aren’t moving? I believe they have priced this one about right. It will be interesting to see how low the competition is willing to go. As more consumer electronics companies get into the game with their 10% margins, it wil definitely put pressure on Apple to reduce its 20% margins. The only differentiating factor is that consumer companies don’t do the software, so Apple will have to make sure that iTunes and the iTMS remain a superior alternative – and worth that 10% difference in margin.

  2. Jimbo, pressure on Apple only if sales decline because of the presence of cheapos alternatives. If iPod sales stay stable the pressure is on the low profit margin products instead: no profit at all if you do not sell.

    iPod is a hit and apparently now a ‘status symbol’ gadget: you buy it to listen to music but also because it is an iPod and you show off with it around. It gratifies its owner. Now, what comments are you going to get when sporting say – a $100 cheaper whatever? “Awhh man, why didn’t you get an iPod? You crazy?”

    This counts a lot for iPod sales figures. It adds trends to quality to look. And makes owner one who’s been around and knows what to get.

  3. There are only a few players that can compete with the iPod on ALL levels, and Dell’s DJ is NOT one of them. If you look at the latest issue of Mobile PC, even Michael Dell notes that the Dell DJ can be stubborn to use, especially when paired with the MusicMatch store.

  4. The Scotsman has an (ironically, considering names) agressive agenda regarding Apple and the Mac. They get it wrong so frequently, in a derogatory way, it makes me wonder what bee flew up their kilts.

    An example is this from the iPod article: “The iPod only plays music downloaded from the internet in Apple�s own “AAC” format, combined with its “FairPlay” anti-piracy encoding. The only online store that offers this kind of music is Apple�s own “iTunes”. ” –Now, that’s just plain incorrect, since an iPod can play nearly everything but WMA, including OggVorbis and WAV. It suggests the Scotsman is shilling for the WMA format.

    Another recent article of theirs suggests that Mac users are arrogant fanatics because of envy, since MS is a wealthy and successful company. It doesn’t occur to the author that people take it personally when their technology choice (resulting in hours of daily use) is continually derided and inaccurately depicted, and thus mac users are painted by the same brush: obsolete losers (I keep hearing “remember Beta vs. VHS?”). Identifying with the platform is a natural extension of marginalization.

  5. The only potential “Wicked Witch” in this Fairy Tale is the music industry itself. Galactic GREED is rearing it’s ugly head in the music industry again. These are the people who priced CDs 30-50% above an LP/Cassette years after they recovered the costs for CD production despite the process costing significantly less per unit. We are now hearing rumblings of increased pricing coming from RIAA members again despite no compelling reason. Since the record companies control the content, they can call the tune. Maybe it’s time for Apple to deal with the artists directly and tell the RIAA to go to Hell. That would be a revolution. The late Warren Zevon had it right:
    “Send Lawyers, Guns & Money… The Sh*t has hit the fan!”

  6. Let’s not forget the recently released Philips player that seems to be built for direct competition to the mini. Of course it has smaller capacity and costs $100 more, but yeah, Apple is expensive. What exactly is the credential for being a tech writer these days? If your job is to know what’s going on in technology and you still know less than people who hang around in a forum like this while doing OTHER completely unrelated work all day, then something is very wrong. Maybe I’m in the wrong business.

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