Columnist: Apple’s smug faithful will not prevail, Microsoft ‘good enough’ for the rest of us

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  1. To think Microsoft is great is akin to saying that Walmart is the BEST store. It’s everywhere, inferior, and cheap! That doesn’t make it good, just cheap. And cheap isn’t the only criterion I use when shopping for a product that I will use for hours every day.

  2. Thank you MDN for cutting this guy down to size. Apparently this guy thinks that “if its not Scottish its crap!” I do love the patch joke. Its good to not be average, can I get an Amen?

  3. I have tried different methods of trying to get the word out that Macs are worth considering. No matter what method you try, however, you end up with the same reputation – the pushy, elitist Mac lover who blindly follows the second coming of Jobs while scoffing at the woes of the Wintel world and attempting to ignore the failings of his computer plaform of choice.

    There are clueless Mac users and clueless Wintel users, just as there are well-informed users on both platforms. The key factor, in my opinion, is that I would enjoy being a Mac user even if I were in the clueless camp.

    The Wintel envy is indeed a reality in many cases. It is human nature to try to tear something superior down to your level. That is why Wintel users, if they bother to notice, will revel in every iPod mini crackle and iPod battery failure and G5 shipping delay. And that is why Mac users get that smug feeling when the virus de jour passes them by – because the PC does have superiority in at least one area…marketshare.

  4. One big beef I have with Microsoft is their shoddy business practices. That company regularily employs a business ethic that is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg! It wouldn’t surprise me if hackers attack M$ primarily for that reason.

  5. The average PC user does not waste any time thinking about Apple. The average Mac user wastes no time thinking about PCs or market share. Let’s face it, these issues are only important to Geeks like us who need to go and get a life … I hear there’s a war going on in Iraq – that it’s over oil not WMDs – that the reasons for going to war were exaggerated, but that instead of admitting that he mislead the World so that he and his buddies in the – insert favorite children’s-story gang name here … ie. “Black Hand Gang” – can expand their business interests and rake in billions – that President Bush is going to stick it out with help from the US taxpayer (because there’s too much at stake now to pull out.)

    You bet there is Georgie boy, and it’s not just your oil-money.

    Oh sorry, I got distracted – whether you use a Mac or a PC, there shouldn’t be a lot to be smug about at the moment.

  6. Converted the MD of one of my clients to the way of truth and light this week, for his personal system anyway.

    I could have bought him an IBM ThinkPad T41, then added 802.11g, and BlueTooth, a DVD writer, and then bought him the functional equivalents of iLife and iSync. Which would probably cost �2000.00.

    Or I could buy him a 17″ Powerbook. Which we will do as soon as Monday’s product announcements are complete.

  7. Actually if you read the article, this guy stays in his house and writes from his computer so he doesn’t need a iPod to bring his music with him to work. So he complains there are a choice of word processors he can use on the PC but none on the Mac.

    Well I emailed his sorry ass and told him he can use OfficeMac, Appleworks, OpenOffice and there’s probably a few more and to give a Mac a try before opening his mouth like a fool.

    Like how many word processors do you need? It’s a word processor!

    Apparently this writer’s only idea of a computer is a glorified typewriter!!!

    If this guy ever sat in front of my Dual 2 Ghz G5 with Mac OS X on a 23″ Apple Cinema Display and watched TV, iTunes visuals, a DVD movie, Halo etc all running in a separate window at the same time.

    He would fall over dead from sensory overload!

  8. Dudes, I’m a big fan of Apple (bought my first ever Apple computer two months ago and very, very happy with that decision), but Apple users have a serious issue of being viewed as elitist. And frankly, after reading all the comments here thus far and even MDN’s take, you guys aren’t doing a lot to change that impression.

    Mac users dislike Microsoft because Microsoft is mediocre and is wasting people’s time every day while subjecting them to an inferior computing experience.

    That pretty much sums it up. Do you honestly expect a PC user to have a positive view of Mac users after they’ve read that? Personally, that statement turned me right off. And if you must know, I have an iBook (which I love and take with me everywhere) but I also have WinXP and Gentoo on my desktop. So are you guys going to chastise me for using Linux and subjecting myself to what many consider an even more “inferior” computer experience than Windows? Different strokes for different folks, people.

    I’m not trying to rant and, like I said earlier, I’ve become a big fan of Apple, but some of you need to be a bit more open to the fact that just because you’re using Windows does not mean you’ve made a “mediocre” choice. And certainly insulting Windows users will not encourage them to switch to Macs. Isn’t that what we all want in the first place?

  9. You Mac users are annoying!

    Well… maybe not all of us, but definitely a bunch of us!!!


    >Mac Daddy wrote:That company (MS)regularily employs a
    >business ethic that is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg!

    HAHAHHA! Now that’s the stuff man. Thanks. Hahha!

  10. You Mac users are annoying!

    Well… maybe not all of us, but definitely a bunch of us!!!


    >Mac Daddy wrote:That company (MS)regularily employs a
    >business ethic that is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg!

    HAHAHHA! Now that’s the stuff man. Thanks. Hahha!

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