iPod is Apple’s Trojan horse with a halo

“iPods have been a driver to get people to buy Mac computers, even prompting some people to drop PCs based on Intel Corp. chips and Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system, said Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s senior vice president of finance,” Terril Yue Jones reports for The Los Angeles Times. “‘We’re hearing anecdotal stories all the time where Windows users have purchased an iPod, used it, then switched to Mac or added a Mac,’ he said during a conference call with analysts.”

[MacDailyNews Note: “Trojan horse,” “iPod halo effect,” – call iPod what you will – as long as it opens eyes and leads to more people enjoying Macs instead of dreadful-by-comparison Windows boxes.]

Jones reports, “Analysts applauded the approach. ‘Their strategy is basically to get their foot into the door with iPods, and get


  1. Right. After ol’ slappy chromed up with his dell dj mini and some iWalmart spins ol’ slappy scraped up $399 and bought a kickin’ dell. uh-huh, uh-huh, go dj, go dj, go.
    Take that mac chumps.

  2. There was a scene in a recent “That 70’s Show” where Kelso finds a dog training collar that emits an electric shock. He puts on the collar, presses the transmitter and gives himself a shock. Hyde quickly grabs the transmitter from him and presses the button several times giving him repeated shocks. The first few times Kelso yells out “oww” because it hurts. After several shocks, however, his pain tolerance gets to a point where he asks Hyde to “do it again”

    Slappy: have fun with your Dell.

  3. After a six month process, I finally got my first switcher.
    It was no easy task, despite the fact that she lives in Manhattan and spent literally hours in the soho store because she loves it so much. Had to break down the usually walls. “Does it run windows?
    I purchased an iBook 14″ for her. Got free 640mb ram, and a free printer. No tax, from MacMall.
    She loved it! But.. It shows up DOA.

    Froze 10 times and would not keep a disk down. Apple care said to take it in to the store.
    Question: Does anyone know if she’ll be able to trade for a new one at the store, or will they make her send it back to MacMall?

  4. I love anecdotes as much as anyone. The problem is the trojan horse isn’t working very well yet. The latest figures show apple at just over 2% of computer sales. If that matters to them, (as the veep’s addressing the issue would imply) soon they will revamp the line and the ipod owner will have a competitive mac to buy.

  5. Artist:

    she can take it back into the store, I believe, and they can look it over. I don’t think it will be a swap, I think they will just fix the one that she already bought.

  6. Joe: I think at Apple they must like very much how the iPod trojan did not work with a 5% increase in computer sales.

    I guess they will attempt many more of these not *working very well* attempts.

  7. I know that you actually do understand my point seahawk. 5% increase over a year ago is not much, given the economy’s rebound. And then there is that market share thing. Interesting to wonder if mac sales would have been negative without the horse.

  8. It’s up to the costumer if they want a new one or to have it fixed.
    Apple describes DOA as unable to function properly out of the box.
    MacMall says the store with swap it, but I think the woman was guessing.
    I didn’t want to call the store because I didn’t want a salesman to just say “Have MacMall take care of it.” I just thought someone here might have run into the same situation when buying from a reseller. Anyway, its pack up and on it way to Soho.

  9. Although I have never had the need of their services, of the two Mac users that I know that did have Mac problems, they were very happy with the Apple staff.

    One was my father. His ol’ lime green iMac (remember the hockey puck mouse?) was acting rather poorly. It was somewhat slow and had unusual errors after upgrading to Panther (who’d a thought it was even possible!). So he took it to the Apple store (Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL). They told him that it would take them until the next day to fix the problem. They called him back after 4 hours(!) and charged him $60. His “new” lime iMac runs faster than ever and he has had no problems.

    Apple actually lost an iMac sale as he was about to buy a new iMac that same day if they couldn’t get it running smoothly. By the way, the tech said my father had numerous archaic files that where conflicting with newer versions. $60 is a VERY good deal to get an older computer to run like new using the newest OS.

    Try to do THAT with an old Dell and $60!!

    The ONLY stories I hear about the Apple staff in their stores is nothing but high praise. In a world where too many products are too much alike, it always boils down to quality customer care. You buy much more than a case filled with a hard drives and circuit boards when you buy an Apple.

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