Apple rockets in early trading; up $2.77 to $29.41; hits new 52 week high

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL) are up $2.77, or over 10%, and hit a new 52-week intraday high at $29.41 in morning NASDAQ trading. Apple’s 52-week high is currently $28.37.

NASDAQ Apple quote (15-minute delay) here.


  1. On the other hand, if Apple is doing this well now, imagine how they’ll do when they have hardware worth buying. (As opposed to an OS worth buying tied to good looking but otherwise uninspiring machines.)

  2. More positive business press is good for Apple. Hopefully, continued announcements will prolong the honeymoon.

    And it will be very good to hear positive resolution from England with Apple Records. We can only hope! Resolution with the domestic resellers will be welcome, as well.

  3. yeah Ryan, I sold *some* of my shares for just that reason. I’ve made some money along the way using that technique as well as when they are about to announce new products (price almost always drops after the announcement). Oh well, I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet on this one…

  4. LOL OJ: you are already half way.

    Concerning uninspiring: you should have seen the face of my colleague today when the Powerbook went to sleep for low battery after I dismissed the warning some 10 mins before. You say: “Big deal”

    But that is not the point: you see, we were in an editing and compile session with source code on AFS. His first reaction was – as a Windows user – “darn, we lost everything now”. Well we had compilation going on, mounted volumes on AFS, emacs sessions opened: a whole afternoon of work.

    His face, you all should have seen his face when I simply said “what do you mean with ‘lost’ ?” while grabbing the power adaptor and plugging in.

    WHAM, the PB came up alive again, compilation resumed where it has PAUSED, gave few seconds to reget an IP from the DHCP server and showed him everything was in place, as well as all the emacs sessions on the remote AFS file locations. LITERALLY his jaw dropped: “you mean you do not have to reboot after that? maaannnn”


    I think he got enough inspiration for the day…

    You say, thats the OS. Well, as long as it is the only hw running that OS all the rest in the market is adamantly, unshakably uninspiring!

  5. At what point in the last 8 months did the G5 become uninspiring? I haven’t seen much growth from Intel in that time either. Last I checked, the G5 is still smoking fast. The fact that it hasn’t been updated hasn’t made it slower. Patience. IBM and Apple will get it worked out soon.

  6. Rather than resorting to stating how well the IBM chip process and sales are doing with Apple, they press merely states how poorly Intel is doing without any reason given.

    In business, the motto is “Innovate or die!”. If Intel is dying, can you guess what they did wrong? IBM is obviously the true innovator in CPU design and manufacturing while the others merely try to force old architecture to perform better.

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