‘Students for Bush’ offer free President Bush Mac OS X Screen Saver

Students for Bush (Bush Cheney U) have posted a Mac screensaver as well as eight new Mac Desktop Pictures (Economy, Health Care, Compassion, Homeland Security, Education, Social Security, Environment, National Security) available in 800×600 and 1024×768 versions.

The Screen Saver is for Mac OS X and features animated, scrolling images of President Bush along with text quotes on a variety of issues. The Saver file downloads as a .sit file. After the file is uncompressed, just double-click the gwbSS01.saver file to install the Screen Saver.

The Students for Bush “W Stuff Downloads” webpage is here.

MacDailyNews Take: The answer to the obvious next question for some is, no, Kerry does not currently offer a free Screen Saver for Mac OS X (or any Screen Savers that we can find). Checks of the Kucinich, Sharpton, and Nader websites also showed no Mac OS X (or other) Screen Savers available for download. It seems the Bush campaign has cornered the Screen Saver market for now. It is nice to see that they recognize and offer Mac OS X-specific items for download. May the others follow suit.


  1. Kudos to the GW campaign for offering a Mac OS X Screen Saver. You’d think Steve Jobs would at least make Algore ring up Kerry on the horn and do the same. Mac OS X users vote, too!

  2. You’d think Kerry The Hippie would cater to the Mac crowd. Still on the fence, but leaning towards Bush. If Iraq can be established as free, it will prosper and show the other Mid East countries there is a better way to live than by blowing themselves up to murder innocent people.

  3. Okay I am not going to start a disccusion about that idiot Bush.
    I it is nice though that they have remembered Os X. Then again Bush uses PowerBook so no news here.

  4. Its hard to be a republican and a college student. I would have to say anyone who votes for Kerry doesnt see the big picture, he is a man of loose morals and more lies than Clinton. How can a man bad mouth his fellow soldier for doing the same thing. He is a hypocrite, at least with Bush we have consistency.

  5. Bush made a hard choice. Against the polls at the time. Taking out Saddam is a good thing. Trying to make Iraq an oasis in the Mid East mess will be hard, but it is achieveable. Bush deserves credit for doing what weaker Presidents would have failed to do. Thanks for the OS X screensaver, GW.

  6. Red Wings:
    It’s probably only hard to be a Republican college student if your college is unusual in its political leanings–the strongest support for Bush is in the 18-29 age range.
    It’s cool that the anti-Bush posters can’t think of anything more intelligent to say than name-calling…

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