Analyst: Nice job with the iPod, Apple, now concentrate on the Macintosh

“For the three months ended March 27, Apple reported a net profit of $46 million, or 12 cents a share, compared with $14 million, or 4 cents a share, in the quarter a year earlier. Revenue was $1.91 billion, a 29 percent increase from $1.48 billion,” Laurie J. Flynn reports for The New York Times.

“‘We feel great,’ Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, said in an interview. ‘We sold a lot of Macs, but we’ve sold more iPods in the quarter than all the Macs put together.’ Mr. Jobs said the company sold a record 807,000 iPods in the quarter, a 900 percent increase from the period a year earlier. The company sold 749,000 Macintosh computers in the quarter, up 5 percent,” Flynn reports.

“In the last year, several major new players have entered the market for portable music devices, including Dell. But Mr. Jobs said that the iPod had a 40 percent share of the MP3 player market and that the company had seen little pressure from competitors. In only two years, he said, Apple has sold 2.9 million iPods,” Flynn reports.

“William R. Fearnley, an analyst with FTN Midwest Research, said the company had strong momentum in several product areas and should focus on expanding its core Macintosh business. The company, he said, was on the right track with its introduction of a major upgrade to the Macintosh operating system, OS X, as well as with the G5, a powerful version of the Mac. ‘We continue to like what they’re doing,’ Mr. Fearnley said. ‘Now they need to grow the Macintosh sales and Macintosh’s share,'” Flynn reports.

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  1. All true hopefully Apple will increase their market share but it will take time. Too many people still think cheap, nasty Wintel boxes good enough. Some of my friends expect their computers to give them trouble so their not let down. Have shown them my iBook & most have liked it & OSX but they still say Macs too expensive or not compatible & when I prove them wrong they get upset & say they happy with Windows as everyone has it. Only got 2 friends to buy Macs & they will never go back. They even bought iPods at same time.
    My theory is people don’t like to be proven that they made a bad purchase or bad decision even when it gives them headaches. Go figure.

  2. Had Gateway sold more of their MP3 player the experts would be saying what a great recovery and great job of add-on sales. But yes, Apple needs to really hit some home runs on the Mac side. Switchers from Wintel will happen – will take years.

  3. Sara,

    My theory is people don’t like to be proven that they made a bad purchase or bad decision even when it gives them headaches.

    Or maybe your persuasion technique needs some work ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />. You maybe right, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still listening. If you are successful in having them even consider a Mac when they purchase their next computer, then I see nothing wrong in that. If they still feel that a PC with Windows is the better buy, then so be it.

  4. Yes, thank you Mr Fearnley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Somebody finally gets it!!!!!!!!!

    I live in the real world everyday using my Mac as a necessary tool!

    Because I do live in the real world, I don’t have time for stuff like ipods.
    Nothing wrong with them because they give Apple profit, but there is a much bigger more important world out there, and we NEED our Macs for our work!!

    Take some profit and invest it in something that really matters!

  5. Sara,

    Only got 2 friends to buy Macs & they will never go back.

    Two friends is great:) Keep in mind that the only people that you won’t be able to convince to even try a Mac are either close minded, or masochists and enjoy the pain of blue screens, lost files and corrupted software etc.

    They’re usually quite easy to spot as they mumble to themselves about lost DLL’s, corrupted registry, regedit this and regedit that……

  6. Some people just dont like to move out of their comfort zone and try something new because they dont want to have to learn new stuff, even if it is just MS Word on OSX
    ( using Command + save rather than Control +Save, or having to be shown to Control + Click the mouse to get the “right click menu”)

  7. iPod sales continue to skyrocket, and this is the third quarter in a row that Mac sales have been higher than the year-before quarters. What’s not to like? Now Apple just needs to upgrade all its non-eMac G4 products to once again be better than the eMac like they’re supposed to be. Pretty weird for it to have a clock speed as fast as – or faster than – that of every other G4 model except the 17″ PowerBook.

  8. Thanx Guys. Thats one thing I like about Macs everybody is sooo friendly. Yea maybe I’m too pushy in getting people to consider a Mac for their next computer. Have to stop it – just say it once & see if the seed in their mind germinates. Your right some people do prefer Windows.

  9. Even with this outstanding results I give a week for the first analyst (Thurrot, where are you?) to say that Apple market share is declining still and soon the company will disappear into oblivion.

    I mean, do we really expect idiots to start using their brain or MS apologysts start to be honest? These news just call for a massive rebuttal of Apple prowess. C’mon idiots: to your Windows typewriters, make us laugh!

  10. But lets be cautious, I believe computers sales are up in the 20% range for the PC world while Apple only increased 5%. It is not keeping up with the market.
    Apple needs to be more aggressive with its marketing & bring out new products(read computers) faster.

  11. “Apple just needs to court GW Bush – he will unilaterally impose Macs on everyone!”

    Har har har. Please keep political comments to political news posts. Don’t need to bring that ugly beast where it doesn’t belong.

  12. Apple needs a better midrange line, the iMacs are a joke right now, especially next to the G5. The eMac and PowerMac’s are fantastic, but it’s the mid-range line that everyone will be looking towards.

    Also, I think Apple needs to add more customization options for it’s PowerMacs. I know I’m tired of paying for Apple’s overpriced RAM, hard drives and other peripherals that I could add myself for much cheaper.

  13. I purchased my iMac for web surfing, writing, video chat, and e-mail in 2003. I see no great need to buy a new Mac for at least 3 to 4 years. My last Mac served me well for 5 years.

    What I want is stable, secure, customizable, and elegant software. I look forward to news about OS X and other software bulletins and reviews. Hardware updates are presently more of a curiosity to me.

    Sorry, Apple, I really don�t need to buy a new Mac every 2 to 3 years. I don�t solve protein folding or design advanced jet engines. I�m content with the quality, usefulness, and practicality of my Mac.

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