NSW traffic authority ditches Wintel, switches to Macs; will deploy 1200 iMac G4s

“In what may well be Apple Computer’s largest coup in the Australian enterprise space, the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will deploy 1200 Apple G4 iMacs across 140 registry offices. A statement Computerworld obtained from the RTA reveals the G4s will be used as point-of-sale terminals for its counter staff to handle RTA customers transactions across ‘prepared business applications’ as well as for ‘collecting data and payments and issuing licences, registration certificates and receipts for various transactions,'” Julian Bajkowski reports for Computerworld.

“The move away from Wintel desktops also appears to reiterate the recent strong stand by the NSW government to seek alternatives to wholly proprietary operating system kernels – and the licensing models that go with them – where cost-effective and viable alternatives exist. To this end, the RTA is making no bones about its preference for open standards and open source, with what appears to be more open source action slated for the near future,” Bajkowski reports.

“‘The Apple rollout is a continuation of RTA usage of open standards-based software and systems. The further adoption of open source is being undertaken to provide more choice of vendors and to guarantee RTA systems are providing value for money,’ the RTA statement said,” Bajkowski reports. “Unix, it appears, will also remain firmly ensconced at the RTA for the foreseeable future fronted by Apple’s OSX 10.3 Panther operating system. ‘Apple OSX 10.3 was the major advantage sought as it fit neatly into the Unix-based registry network. [The] cost of the machines was comparable to machines being offered by other vendors. [The] technical capability of [the] iMacs was superior and users definitely preferred the ergonomic design and look and feel of the terminal,’ the RTA statement said.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ahhh, the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority gives the green light to Apple Macintosh! The worm has turned, so to speak. May other enterprises take notice.


  1. This just goes to show that Apple being utilised in a true “Enterprise situation” where keeping information and records secure from hackers is vital as a perfectly economically viable solution( provided that the installation of the system is followed up with necessary training required)

    GO APPLE!!!!!

  2. Now if only my damned ETag would work properly….. and the NSW Labor government didn’t go ahead with the planned (exit) tax on the sale of your house….. and the M5 were 3 lanes, not 2….. and… oh OK, I’ll stop. It is good news; I will be happy to go into an RTA depot/office for a change…

    (I’m having a grumpy day….)

  3. Aussie, aussie, aussie – Oi, Oi, Oi !!!

    Go Apple and go the NSW RTA. If this gets some airtime hopefully other enterprises and the public-at-large will take a little more notice.

    Could this mean that the iMac form factor is here to stay a while longer?

  4. Tony:

    emacs would have been cheaper, but, they liked the ergonomics of the imac, and the fact that they could swivel the monitor around to show the customers their ID photos etc.

    Nice to see this government department using some initiative, and not opting for the cheapest solution… that is a pretty rare thing.

  5. Ahh, it may not be the “cheapest” solution up front – but in the long run, it will truly be the most “inexpensive” option, since those hardy Mac machines will likely still be working to great effect when most of the pcs made at the same time will already be resting most uncomfortably in a dump or hopefully recycled into your next coffee cup or, more appropos, a toilet seat.

  6. Yeah, good to see. It should be noted however, that this is just one application that the RTA is using Macs for. As far as I know, they are still using Wintel for the rest of their many, many thousands of desktops (>10,000 ?)

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