Morgan Stanley raises expectations for Apple citing strong iBook, iPod, Mac OS X sales

“Morgan Stanley increased estimates for Apple Computer, citing better-than-expected sell-through in the fiscal second quarter (ended March) of iPods, Panther OS and iBooks. The research firm raised expectations for the quarter to earnings of 10 cents per share on revenue of $1.82 billion, compared with an earlier estimate for earnings of 9 cents per share on revenue of $1.81 billion. Morgan Stanley raised fiscal 2004 estimates to earnings of 49 cents per share on revenue of $7.69 billion, compared with an earlier estimate for earnings of 45 cents on revenue of $7.50 billion. Morgan Stanley said, ‘Our only concern lies with the possibility of disappointing G5 sales in the period.’ The firm lowered its second-quarter G5 unit forecast to 181,000 units from 212,000 units. For the remainder of fiscal 2004, Morgan Stanley increased its iPod unit estimates to 3.7 million from 2.8 million,” reports.

Full article here.

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Apple to webcast Qtr 2 – 2004 financial results April 14th – April 12, 2004


  1. One day before the Apple will webcast Qtr 2 results? They give estimate that lasts one day? Oh yes!
    Isn’t it little bit too late to predict anything at this point?!

  2. Position for the report? No one needs Morgan Stanley to tell about Q2 (2003-2004)
    Q2 is “ancient history”
    I can give my predictions on friday and also my position right here live on MDN.

    I am interested of what is going to happen in the WWDC (end of Q3 (2003-2004)) and how does that affect Q4 (2003-2004) and Q1 (2004-2005).
    Morgan Stanleys report is not that people really needs now. They have to collect this data little faster than this. One day before.. Q2 ended 31.3.

  3. Are you playing the fool Finn? Theoretically no one knows what the 2nd quarter report will say except for Apple. Morgan Stanley is guessing what will be said and giving 2 market days lead time.

    Do you understand? Blink once for yes two for no.

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