Microsoft releases patches to fix 20 Windows flaws, some ‘critical’

“Microsoft Corp. today released four new security bulletins detailing patches for several critical vulnerabilities, including one that fixes 14 separate flaws, in a wide range of Windows software. The patches are part of the company’s monthly rollout of security fixes and address a total of 20 flaws. The products affected by the flaws include Windows NT Workstation and Server, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003,” Jaikumar Vijayan reports for ComputerWorld.

“The patch detailed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011 is one of the biggest software updates the company has released in terms of the number of flaws it addresses,” Vijayan reports. “A total of 14 vulnerabilities are addressed in the update, some of which are critical, said Stephen Toulouse, security program manager for Microsoft’s Security Response Center. In some cases, the patch addresses holes that are critical in some products but aren’t as serious in others, Toulouse said.”

Full article here.

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  1. Will the madness ever cease? What about those Windows users on dial-up? Are they supposed to just leave their computers on for weeks at a time downloading these things? Just crazy.

  2. I tried updating my Windows XP here at work. After about 10 attempts, each time with a diffierent “error”, I finally managed to get the update to start. Funny how the page says “Total 6 = 7.5 MB, < 1 minute”, yet it’s been going on close to half an hour now (and the install progress bar hasn’t even moved yet…the first download is barely halfway). I took a screen shot of one of the errors that I think tells it all. In the background is IE with the list of security patches, and in the foreground, a generic dialog that says “HTTP Error: Server too busy.” Too funny! 😀

  3. 20 at one time, that’s got to be a record. Even by Microsoft’s standards.

    Check it out here

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  4. Tommy Boy keep on trolling.

    A rare occasional Mac security update to correct a potential flaw is nothing compared to a almost daily rollout of various patches, virus definitions and other hacks thats Microsofts has become famous for. Check the first link above, you will notice just about every piece of software ever written by M$ has something wrong with, even ActiveX, even IE on Mac’s!

    On Mac’s one can count on two hands the security updates and viruses over the 20 year lifespan of the company.

    On PC’s one will need a entire library to catalog the 81,000+ viruses and 10,000’s of security patches in the same 20 year period.

    There’s only one thing Windows PC’s are good for

    Click here for the answer

    So Windows trolls can kiss my #$%&%, your computer sucks and your OS sucks. Because you all just plain suck.

    I hope you never get to use a Mac, I don’t want you stupid hairballs messing with a perfect machine.

  5. And why, oh why, won’t this little tidbit of news be found on the front page of every newspaper and website like the one – ONE! POTENTIAL and likely never exploited to any degree, EVER – trojan horse “vulnerability” that a slap-happy, overly ambitious, paranoid-mongering security company forced Apple to deal with a few days ago that can’t even affect a Mac unless the user physically enters the keystrokes to actually allow such a vulnerability to have any effect?

    And, furthermore, how can this even remotely compare to the woes and gnashing of teeth that M$ users must regularly face on a weekly, daily or hourly, basis, as evidenced by what we just read above? Every time I read one of these stories, I’m only more glad I own a Mac.

  6. Bora,

    Mac will never have as many security exploits as Windows. If you bothered to read up on OS X you will know that it’s built upon UNIX which is inherantly more secure than Windows. One of the most important aspects of OS X is it’s permissions. Try trashing anything inside your System folder. It’ll either tell you outright you can’t or require you to type your password.

    Now try doing the same on a Windows box… oops! Where has my OS gone?

    That’s the difference. Macs are more secure through good software design.

  7. Oh yeh, one more thing Bora. There are 10 million users of OS X. That’s quite a lot of people, admittedl not as many as Windows, but Macs last longer than PC’s so I reckon there are millions of OS 9 users still out there. The company I used to work for had over 600 OS 9 machines, and they’re all still running without a hitch.

  8. Nahh Bora, more attempts for sure but not the same share of security exploits. You see, it is not *visibility* that allows the virus, it is crappy OS code. Now, OS X is based on BSDUnix which has stellar record concerning security.

    Just ask a knowledgeable friend on Unix and let him/her give you some insight.

    Visibility is the crappy PR twist of MS to justify their load of viruses (over 80,000) now. You may download a virus-kit for Windows off the net and a 12 year old to launch a virus for Windows, you need a guru expert on Unix (and OS X) but by the time they have reached that expertise they are involved into Open Source efforts and work actually to make the system more secure.

    Noticed hom Apple security updates are not Apple per se? They are all security updates on tools common to all Unix platforms.

    Windows updates? They all fix holes it Microsoft code, sometimes as old as W95 code still on XP. Which, in itself, explains why usually a virus for Windows is able to infect all versions: because they share for the most same old ’70 crappy code. So much so for *evolution*.

    MS is just recanning old broth, add sugar, and sell as a new product. Amazing how people do not see that.

    And the same will happen with Longhorn: they cut so many features now to meet the 2006 deadline that it is going to be nothing more that XP Reloaded with some more eyecandy. How sad.

    (or maybe great: by then people will hopefully realize how much more advanced OS X 10.5 or 10.6 is)

  9. Seahawk,

    Well said! Windows is the colourful clown suit for DOS. Always has been, always will be.

    Personally I can’t wait for Longhorn. Imagine what OS XII will look like by the time that old M$ dinosaur gets released! We’ll probably be using 3TB optical hard drives by then, just as fast as the 120GB of RAM in my 10Ghz G7.

  10. Bora et al:

    Poor Microsoft, because they are so “popular” they are the sad victims of hackers. Of course, this statement ignores completely how vulnerable the MS OS actually is. If the most popular vehicle in USA caught fire weekly and randomly you could be sure that there would be a massive public outcry and an immediate recall. Unfortunately, because machines are toasted and not living human beings we are expected to feel pity for the company that manufactures the crap OS.

    Point is, those who make computer OS�s are obligated to make the OS�s as impervious to infection as possible. Those who purchase an OS that is more likely to be infected are demonstrating ignorance or stupidity if there is a safer alternative (i.e. OS X). Please spare me your whining about having to purchase a whole new computer and accoutrements. You have already made your choice, live with it. When the pain becomes too much you will find the dough to switch.

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