3GHz Power Mac G5 months behind schedule?

“Apple fans are in a frenzy, but this time its due to a lack of ‘insanely great’ products emerging from Cupertino in the first quarter of 2004. Since January’s Macworld Expo, the computer company has failed to produce a single new hardware offering and has run into problems delivering those products that were announced during the first days of the year,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “Both Apple enthusiasts and analysts have raised some concerns, especially when it comes to the Power Mac G5 product line


  1. If it’s this hard to get the G5 right in a desktop, can you imagine how long it’s going to take to get it in a Powerbook?! We’re going to have to wait until well into 2005 at least. Guess I’ll go ahead and buy that 15″ PB now. Sigh.


  2. This is still just a rumor. I hope one that turns out to be inaccurate. However, it does make me wonder if I should be considering selling some of my apple stock temporarily….

  3. Jack, this has as much to do with stock price as your infatuation has had to do with its rally.

    Apple could buy some nvidia and AMD guys a couple drinks and get this figured out by Earth day I bet.

    Anyway, who cares? The big hole in apple’s line is on the low end, with 2 year old emac and imacs. They are quite pointedly not filling that hole, for their own obscure reason. Probably the 100 pallets of g4’s still to use up.

  4. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. It is in Apple’s favor to get the job done right by performing appropriate shakedowns and making necessary design modifications.

  5. People b*tch when Apple ships hardware/software that’s not quite ready and they b*tch when they wait until it’s right. I’d rather wait and have them get it right the first time. My money is on announcement at WWDC. BTW- for 99.5% of Mac users the G5 is plenty fast.

  6. The source here, AppleInsider, is among the most reliable. I’ve been holding off approving a current G5 for our small business, but now we’re going to go ahead and buy it…
    BTW, Apple retail staff are predicting end of the calendar year or early 05 for the G5 Powerbook; though they shouldn’t have any particular inside knowledge about this, that seems about right.

  7. Im not sure about anyone else, but over my easter holiday while at home from college I had to go over to both my brothers apartments and tune up their computers which run XP. Got one running iTunes and he loves it and had to install adaware on both to get rid of all the spy software that installs itself because of how crappy IE is. It was frustrating to wait on those intel machines after Ive been using my PB 15 since feb. Helping them out only reminds me of how smart I was to switch. Ill never go back.

  8. The G5 may see a Dual 2.5 Ghz added, but I doubt it. I think they have their hands full with the rest of the line and a G5 bump can wait until the 3 Ghz chips come.

    My opinion is the rest of the new IBM chips are going into Powerbooks and iMacs. iBooks and eMacs are getting the last Moto G4 chips.

    My unconfirmed source say that they have been trying water cooling for Powerbooks and G5’s but can’t stop the leaks.

    But it has been awhile, time for some juicy news.


    iBook logic boards
    MDD G4 – fans
    15″ TiBook – hinges (I never broke mine, but it scared me a few times)
    12″ alum book – heat
    15″ alum book – white spots
    G5 – power suppy beeping and firewire issues + delay
    iPod – batteries (more of a PR fuck up)
    iPod mini – delay
    XServe G5 – delay

    I mean seriously!

  10. I’ve got a 1 GHz 17 inch laptop which I love – sure more speed would be great, but this machine does it all – no complaints. Sure the 1.25 GHz which came out 3 weeks after I got this one would have been sweet but that’s hardware for you.

  11. My goodness, Perry, did you actually spend the money to purchase every one of those products? If so, then you may have a legitimate beef with Apple, and I’m truly sorry for your woes.

    However, if not, then why are you whining so? The “delays” which you note are superfluous and mostly wishful thinking of consumers, like yourself, who are always chomping at the bit for something NEW! ECXITING! DIFFERENT! or SPECTACULAR! and then you go offo and pout when you don’t get it NOW, like so many Veruca Salts out there in We Want NOW It Land. I’m in the camp with NoPCZone above – I’d rather Apple got it right the first time, no matter how long it takes – and what they’re offering in the stores and online is pretty darned good to begin with, even if it is [insert audibly shocked GASP here] more than 1 year old.

    And please, using such foul language, no matter how hacked off you may be, doesn’t help your argument any.

  12. Quote from Perry:
    Quote from BuriedCaesar:
    And please, using such foul language, no matter how hacked off you may be, doesn’t help your argument any.

    No, Perry is right… @#$%#@$ sums up how a lot of us feel and helps my argument … @#$%^ Apple should get their *%$#%$ act together. We pay a premium for their $#^%$% stuff and expect a bit more than other #$%$(* platforms.

  13. Please you fools, you have GOT to stop believing these rumor sites! They ARE the virus. The beat the innocent and ignorant into a frenzy of expectation, and Apple could come out with a rocket that flys you to the moon and you’d be disappointed.

    How many disappointments do you have to endure before you realize rumor sites have NO CLUE!!!!!

    Rumors are the virus.

  14. TRNET

    No, all it proves is that Perry is an illiterate boob who can’t speak proper English and express himself accurately without proving himself a major loser.

    We can only wish him on Dell.

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