MacShirt, formerly MacSurfShop, to shut down

Mike Yrabedra, President of has informed MacDailyNews that MacShirt will soon be closing its doors:

“We have been making and selling pro-Mac shirts now for close to 5 years now. Over the years we have seen many changes in the Macintosh market , as well as, with our small little web site. Unfortunately it is now time to shut down This decision was not made without much thought and prayer. We have come to a point where we feel our efforts are better spent on our other ventures. The MacShirt (and formerly MacSurfShop) has enjoyed great success over the years all because of you our loyal customer. For this we would like to say Thank you.

Are we closing forever? Well, never say “forever”. You never know what might happen down the road. Will we be open this time next year, probably not? The year after that, don’t know. All I can say is, this site has had it’s time and now it is time to move on.

All of our shirts are now available on our site for only $9.95. Get them while you can…you may never get them again.

Again, thanks go out to all the kewl folks that have made this site such a success.

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  1. And using RV�s dubious figures of PC 2-3 years life vs. Mac 5-6 years life then on average the cost of ownership per year of both is about the same since the Apple costs much, much more to purchase….

    (And don�t give me that “buy an eMac” FUD -nobody is buying that tired-old lump anymore)

  2. I have g3 macs and 5 year old peecees in my office. Old stuff works fine if you ask of it what it can deliver, which is wp and slow surfing. Our one “modern” computer is for the geek to make our website and design ads. Computer technology is consumer driven and that means we buy new ones usually because we WANT it not need it.

    The level of macophilia and macphobia on this site is extreme. I don’t think I am either, and from my middle of the road view jerks like RV on one side and any number of trolls on the other side are entertaining but neither illuminating nor inspirational. pc users ought to admit mac makes a great product, better built and designed than any vanilla (or chrome, or black) box and mac users ought to admit that 95% of the world is using the other stuff, quite happily too. FUD on the one had and stories of gloom and doom on the other don’t really seem like they should run this forum do they?

  3. I wouldn’t say PC users are happy when they have to take a 5 hour course to secure their computer that should have been safe out of the box.

    Another 5 hour course to learn networking and how to connect other devices.

    Then pay virus companies extortion to keep viruses from exploiting the Windows buffer overflow feature of a shoddy copied Mac OS.

    Tons of people I know who are not “geeks” thought it might be a good idea to have a computer to go online, surf, play games. So they go buy themselves a PC and spend all that money. Perhaps use it a week or two because “something is wrong with it”. They never buy again and hate computers.

    New people who I get up on a nice eMac, show them in a day how to do basic things, get online. Bango! a few weeks down the road they want to know how to use a spreadsheet, use the word processing, get music online. Get a cool iPod etc. They love it.

    So Windroids go fsck your-elfs

  4. PEBKAC you are a jewel!
    First you say PC users have to take 5 hour course to secure their computer —-who does that & where are you going to that course?
    We�ve got Macs and Windows computers and have never taken a 5 hour course for any computer.
    Then you say for your eMac users you “show them in a day how to do basic things, get online”. Hmmmm….it takes you 8-12 hours (“a day”) just to show a new Mac user “how to do basic things, get online”???
    You are either a slow and/or bad teacher or Macs are harder to use than PCs….after all it only takes a “5 hour course” for the PC…
    Stop spreading the FUD, dud.

  5. Well at least PEBKAC revealed a bit about himself/herself:
    “5 hour course” and “eMacs”…smells like PEBKAC is in junior high school.
    Where else are people given 5 hour courses and use eMacs, but in grade,junior or high school????

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