Macworld Poll: 34 percent say Apple Mac one-button mouse a mistake

“Over a third (34 per cent) of Macworld online readers voting in this week’s poll think that Apple’s most foolish invention was the one-button mouse. They share their regard for Apple’s one-button mouse with the man behind the first Mac


  1. I actually think the one button mouse is very good. After I gotten use to it I think it’s the easiest thing that I have ever used on a computer. I still love the one button but I so think Apple should at least offer a two button mouse for sale.

  2. One button, two buttons, five buttons, who cares? Personally, I like the one button, but the fact is that OS X supports multibutton mice, and if you want one go for it! Maybe Apple should offer a two button mouse so when you buy a computer you can have your choice. Would that solve the problem? I doubt it, people will be debating the one/two button mouse for years to come. It’s like the Pepsi vs Coke thing…and I like RC Cola (even though it only has a 5% marketshare)

  3. Yeah, put labels on those two button, ’cause today, nobody can remember which is which.

    There wasn’t anything wrong with designing, producing, and selling only a one-button mouse in 1984. There is something wrong with designing, producing, and selling ONLY one-button mice when your users want a two-button mouse with a scroll wheel because that basic design has proven itself to be more work-friendly than a single-button mouse.

    We’re gonna buy after-market, why not lower the cost of ownership by producing something that people would rather get with their machine?

  4. I did not see the need for a 2nd button for a long time, but now I think that having to go to the keyboard to touch the option key is an inefficient motion. I vote for the 2nd button idea, don’t know why it would be considered a stupid idea unless you think that anything NOT invented by Apple is a stupid idea. Most MS/Intel ideas are silly, but not this one. Give credit where it’s due.

  5. So 34% of people who chose to participate in a poll think that the one-button mouse was a mistake. Useless data. But since we’re opining, the one-button mouse is simple. I think this fits with Apple’s design philosophy, aesthetics included. What looks more elegant than Apple’s no-button (wireless) mouse? If they sacrifice this look, I think it will be for more than a multi-button scroll wheel mouse. How about the mini’s sleek UI (patent-pending) on a mouse?

  6. jfbil has it right. One-button probably made sense way back when–but now, it’s just plain stupid not to give Mac buyers a choice (why should consumers who want a 2-button have to get the one-button and then spend more money to get the mouse they really want?). The wasteful, extra mouse is not very enviro-friendly either…

  7. The one button mouse reminds me of the automotive equivalent, the centre mounted intrument bin. Almost everyone hates it, it doesn’t work as well, and it goes against what has borne out through the years as being better.

    The centre mounted dash is a stupid idea, so is a one button mouse. Apple should just get over it. It didn’t win this one. Move on.

  8. It doesn’t matter to me, the main thing is that a choice is available to everyone. If you prefer the one button Apple mouse then great. Or if you’re like me and want a 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel, you can get a mouse from Logitech, M$, etc, for a nominal fee and it’ll work perfectly with OS X.

  9. Silly,

    A 10 year old looks at the one-button-apple-mouse and laughs…
    And Apple wonders why nobody takes their products seriously.

    Most people use their PC for surfing and need a scroll wheel.
    Most business people view documents and need the scroll wheel.
    Most designers need the right click button.

    Apple does not supply any of the features users expect from a modern computer.
    Therefore users (simple logic) know that the Apple computers are not part of the modern computer world.

    Wake up Apple and Apple users… Its over….

  10. The one button mouse worked back before contextual menus and web pages. But now, a two button mouse would be ideal. However, I don’t have any problems pressing the control key.

  11. The one button mouse was fine at first but in today’s world they should at least offer a two button mouse with a scroll wheel from Apple. (a blue tooth one too ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” /> )

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