Apple GarageBand is ‘the game-ification of music’

“Since its release in January, [Apple’s GarageBand], which allows even the most musically challenged person to construct a tune through simple software, has received rave reviews,” Stephen Williams reports for Newsday. “As part of iLife ’04, a $49 software suite exclusively for Macs, the GarageBand application is terrifically easy. Using a mouse, one drags and drops a loop or three – say, a funky guitar riff, a ’60s drumbeat, a few bars of R&B piano – onto a grid. Multiple tracks can be locked in, and GarageBand automatically adjusts tempo. Hit the play button and, voila, you’re a composer.”

Williams reports, “Alternately, GarageBand provides a number of software ‘instruments’ that can be played on a keyboard, and musicians can even plug in real instruments. GarageBand has spawned communities on the Web and emerged as a digital device to promote listening, sharing, criticism and other activities associated with popular music… On the Macjams Web site (, hundreds of home-brewed tunes created with GarageBand are available for listening… As well as qualifying as entertainment, GarageBand has earned its stripes as credible instructional tool. ‘I love it. … It’s the game-ification of music,’ said Stephen Croes, dean of music technology at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The program ‘is tapping into that deep need people have to make things and to imitate things that they like. And that’s proactive, a really positive thing.'”

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  1. You guys are really silly!! esp u Morty In Manhattan, Teenagers will waste Teenagers not a computer program!! Think before you write. I don’t know about you guys garage band runs fine on my ibook 700 with 256mb, granted I only have the finder running I’ve never had it crash on me.

  2. I’ve had the same prob as ndelc, I get a message that my hard drive is too slow. It doesn’t crash the software, it just quits playing the song. I only have 256mg RAM, so I figured that to be part of the problem, but it’s kept me from doing much with it. I’ve tried it with only the finder fresh from a restart and still had the problem. Oh yeah, it’s an eMac 800.

  3. Dave
    I am unfortunately always right 🙁
    Apple is so foxy and sexy that it is beyond PC.
    Apple is so gay ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> ( others check that from your dictionaries )

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