With Sun in the bag, will Microsoft next team with Real vs. Apple iPod-iTunes?

“For outright alacrity, [the recent Sun, Microsoft truce] takes the cake. Presumably, Sun CEO Scott McNealy will have comments about ‘Ballmer and Butthead’ expunged from the Sun archives, and Microsoft will destroy all copies of its infamous TV-commercial parody showing Chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer holding their noses while tossing a Sun server out of the back of a VW bug to the tune of ‘Da-da-da,'” Paul Andrews writes for The Seattle Times.

“The immediate assumption behind the settlement is that it will help disperse the legal cloud hanging over Microsoft. Sun was the primary complainant behind the European Commission’s recent ruling that Microsoft show enough Windows code to give competitors a level playing field in the network-server market. Now, Sun’s $1 billion lawsuit over Java licensing goes away,” Andrews writes. “To a certain degree, the settlement also may help untarnish Microsoft’s reputation as a bully. If Ballmer and McNealy can smoke the peace pipe, it may send a message that Microsoft is open to all comers.”

Andrews writes, “Included in that category would be another enemy of an enemy, RealNetworks. Founder Rob Glaser knows an opportunity when he sees one, and his company’s recent lawsuit against Microsoft has that familiar ring of $1 billion. A Microsoft-RealNetworks settlement/alliance would give both companies momentum in their quest against Apple Computer’s iPod-iTunes success. If Microsoft partners with RealNetworks


  1. Nonsense. The Sun/Microsoft alliance is more indicative that Microsoft might be willing to work more closely with Apple as well. This move is simply Microsoft’s attempt to prove they’re not a monopoly. It has little to do with their media player, other than the EU wants a version of Windows without it. Microsoft rightly points out that it’s very simple to download and install any other player. iTues as well!

    Let’s get “real” here and recognize that REAL is a dead duck, and has no value to Microsoft other than a target. Sun and Apple offer them ways to extend into other areas such as X-86 servers with Sun, and Office for Mac.

    I know a lot of you hate the idea of any Microsoft product on your computer. Well, I’m here to tell ya, if we didn’t have Office for Mac, there would be no Macs where I work.

  2. WHy would Microsoft need sun to play on x-86 servers. An arena thay already own. Perhaps you were thinking sparc? Don’t know that Sun is needed there either..

  3. This is only Step One in the Microsoft-Sun peace process. Watch for a series of future announcements on this-and-that that will ultimately put Sun out of its misery. It’s just an update of an old joke:

    Q: What do you call an alliance between Microsoft and Sun?

    A: Microsoft.

  4. I wonder how this worked technically? What happens when one computer froze? (you KNOW that had to be happening with that many Windoze Pee Seas in one room) Did that break the chain?

    We should do a Macintosh Flash mob and there would be a good chance for success. Isn’t this what Xgrid is designed for? Heck we should be able to get in the Top 500 with a lot fewer computers than the 1100 at Virginia Tech that made number 3. This would really show the world that Macs Just Work.

    That would be so cool, especially if it was RIGHT on the heels of this failed attempt. I can see the headline “Mac Supercomputer Flashmob succeeds where PC Mob failed” .

  5. Hmmmm. Some of you may think that was “pathetic” but do you realize that it was 10x faster than Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech runs at 18 GF versus the “pathetic” 180 GF.

    I think it was poorly organized and it wasn’t professional. If they had used computers from the same vendor with the same configurations it might have worked. But given the history of PC’s they have so many parts with slightly different variations in electronics manufacturers and inconsistencies in motherboard configurations, it just tripped and fell. Not to mention it looks like it was set up, to be set up and torn down since they are in a warehouse or gym…with no cooling systems in place or any other means of making it permanent by housing it in a server room in the university.

    It would have been nice if they had used Mac’s. They could have “topped” Virginia Tech, they would have been the first to do that….instead they try to pull off the PC’s are faster and cheaper….which came off as well…cheap! That is not going to sell to some vendor with a contract to give.

  6. giofoto: You’re way off. Virginia Tech’s G5 supercomputer is rated at 10280 Max GFlops and 17600 Peak GFlops. That’s close to 18 TeraFlops. Think before you post man. The PC attempt didn’t make it into the top 500, that should have been your clue that it is way slower.

  7. Darn. Andy was faster. Peta times faster than I.
    kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, exa…
    Next year we will learn more ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  8. One thing will be interesting. How the hel* can any one sell a computer that has 5zetta’s or 5yotta’s of memory?
    kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, exa, zetta, yotta…
    My Mac has 4gigs.. so what do I say then?… 4yotta’s it sound like “four toyotas”.. Yikes! NOT GOOD!
    Why not 4bmw’s? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    Sounds much better…

    Ok now I have way too much time…

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